Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

A combination of complex flight design and heat transfer technology creates an in-demand drying and mixing unit. As leading asphalt suppliers, we are devoted to developing world-class machines incorporated with the latest innovation that adds a competitive edge to your business. Our CMPL thermodrum unit comprises a triple heat transfer system that facilitates maximum heat transfer to the aggregates. It helps enhance productivity, reduce fuel consumption, and prevent bitumen oxidation. Connective, conductive, and radiation methods transfer heat to the aggregates. Coninfra Machinery Pvt. Ltd. (CMPL) supplies a comprehensive line of high-performance asphalt drum mix plants to meet the varying needs of producers.


Standard Configuration

CAPACITY 20-30 TPH 40-60 TPH 60-90 TPH 90-120 TPH 120-150 TPH

Slinger Conveyor

LDO / FuelTank

Mineral Filler Unit with Blower

Pollution Control Unit

Four Bin Feeder with Gathering Conveyor

Oversize Removal Vibrating Screen

Bitumen Tank with Auto Burner

Loadout Conveyor with Hydraulic Hopper & Power Pack

Drying & Mixing Asphalt Drum with Pressure Jet Oil Burner & primary dust collector

Electrical Control Panel for above (Automatic) with Printer

Fully Furnished, Insulted Control Cabin for Control panel

Filler Storage Unit

Coninfra offers a comprehensive range of solutions for Filler Storage and Feeding, providing customers with a diverse spectrum to align with their specific site prerequisites. Our array of options empowers clients to make tailored choices. Ensuring optimal performance, a computerized metering system with adjustable speed precisely maintains the correct proportions within the Asphalt Drum Mix. This integration guarantees consistent and accurate blending for superior results.

Bitumen Injection

Controlled by variable speed AC, the Hot Oil Jacketed Pump efficiently propels the metered bitumen into the Asphalt Drum Mix section, enhancing overall performance. This arrangement contributes to a high-performing operational process. The SCADA/PLC/microprocessor system operates with complete automation, ensuring a seamless experience. Its function is centered on precise bitumen metering, guaranteeing accuracy in every stage of the process.

Cold Aggregate Four Bin Feeder

Through meticulous welding and a modular framework, the four bins facilitate seamless expansion to accommodate evolving customer needs. With strategically designed steep bin walls and valley angles, the system ensures uninterrupted aggregate flow from feeders, even when handling adhesive aggregates. Every bin incorporates flexible calibrated gate openings and feeder drivers with adjustable speeds, bolstering comprehensive control and fine-tuned precision. This integrated system not only ensures balance but also offers heightened adaptability, elevating overall operational efficiency.

Asphalt Drum Mechanics

The Asphalt Drum Drive employed in 30-120 TPH plants showcases an ingeniously designed cradle shape that minimizes maintenance requirements. An automated lubrication system ensures the chain drive is adequately lubricated, thus guaranteeing both durability and trouble-free service. Models with 120 TPH and above are equipped with a standard four-wheel friction drive. Components like tunion rings, tunion rollers, sprockets, and thrust wheels are meticulously engineered to facilitate effortless and dryer drum rotation, enhancing long-term productivity. This integration optimizes the drum’s performance over extended periods.

Oversize Removal Vibrating Screen

Within the CMPL Series Asphalt Drum Mix Plants, prominent large aggregate removal vibrating screens are strategically positioned at the conclusion of the cold aggregate feeder. This strategic placement effectively screens out larger-sized materials that could potentially disrupt the mixing and heating processes within the thermo drum internals. This meticulous screening process guarantees both enhanced performance and heightened protection for the Asphalt Mix Plant. By preventing any potential damage, these screens uphold the operational integrity of the plant.

Pressure Jet Burner

Our burner unit is renowned for its efficient fuel usage, high operational uptime, and seamless functionality. Supported by an automated remote control system with atomized high-pressure capabilities, it adheres to strict safety standards through integrated system interlocks. It is versatile, accommodating LDO, diesel, or FO fuels, and features flame failure detection, electric spark ignition, and a distinctive nozzle system for operational ease and minimal downtime.

Drying & Mixing

Our asphalt plant’s Drying and Mixing unit combines intricate flight design and advanced heat transfer tech. Driven by continuous innovation, our CMPL thermodrum leads with a triple heat transfer system, boosting productivity while cutting fuel use. Utilizing conductive, connective, and radiation techniques, it efficiently heats aggregates, thanks to its proven flight design. This ensures thorough mixing, lower emissions, and bitumen oxidation prevention.

Drum Mechanics

The 30-120 TPH plants feature a low maintenance cradle type drum drive, backed by an auto lubrication system that ensures optimal chain drive lubrication for prolonged trouble-free service life. Additionally, models of 120 TPH and above come with a standard four-wheel friction drive. Precision-engineered components like sprockets, thrust wheels, trunion rings, and trunion rollers, treated for enhanced durability, ensure seamless and productive dryer drum rotation. This meticulous design guarantees uninterrupted productivity and smooth operation.


The high-pressure atomized burner unit, fully automated and remotely controlled, is renowned for its exceptional fuel efficiency, user-friendly operation, and impressive uptime. Complete automation and system interlocks ensure strict adherence to safety standards. This versatile burner accommodates LDO, diesel, or FO fuels and is equipped with a remote control system for flame failure detection and electric spark ignition. Our innovative nozzle system enables cleaning during operation, resulting in zero downtime.

Pollution Control Unit (Optional)–-Wet-Dust-Collectors-600_400.jpg

CV Series – Wet Dust Collectors

Cv Series Is Our Venturi-type Wet Dust Collector With High Efficiency. It Meets The Environmental Standards In Specific Criteria. The Turbulence-type Venturi Design Guarantees Flawless Entrapment Of The Dust-laden Exhaust Gas. Large Spray Nozzles Designed Using Stainless Steel Deliver Clog-free Operation And Ensure Minimum Water Makeup Demands. Venturi Throat Is Flexible And Allows Fine-tuning To Get Maximum Cleaning Efficiency For The Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Operating Conditions.

Bag House Filter

Coninfra develops unrestricted airflow baghouse filters with cutting-edge technology. The emphasis is on asphalt drum application with specially treated filter components. The zero-maintenance design reduces emissions to 50 mg/Nm3 and satisfies international pollution control criteria. The unit is environmentally friendly and supports low operation costs with high durability.

Hot Drum Mix Storage Silo

As a long-established asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer, Coninfra offers a comprehensive range of custom solutions for asphalt storage. Our standard options range from MONOPAK to TWINPAK systems. We offer MONOPAK silos with storage capacities from 70to 80 tons. And we offer TWINPAK silos with storage capacities from 50 to 80 tons with an extra element of reserving varying drum mix designs. Customers can choose different storage combinations by opting for custom-made MULTIPAK designs. Every solution is delivered with an automated standard safety control system and interlock process. Skip hoist arrangements, swiveling loadout conveyors, and hot bucket elevators can be used with the storage silos.

Bitumen Heating Storage Solution

CMPL offers hot oil bitumen storage tanks and direct heating-type tanks for customers to choose from. Each product comes with a storage capacity ranging from 10 tons to 50 tons. Japanese design oil heater is integrated with the indirect heating tanks while the direct counterparts feature imported pressure jet burners equipped with an automatic system. Every CMPL storage tank has hot oil circulating systems, auto thermostatic controls, and jacketed bitumen pumps. To reduce heat loss, the tanks are thoroughly insulated.


The control cabin is integrated with an automatic computerized system and features several standard elements, including a distribution switchboard, electrical power control console, and sequence controls.

A user-friendly control system provides high performance and complete reliability. Other features include:

  • Fail-safe interlocks
  • Automatic process control system
  • Online fault detection
  • Online printing capability
  • Ability to print, store, and edit product details, mix proportions, and do more.
  • Facility to display process control parameters
  • Manual, semi-automatic, and automatic operation options
  • The control unit features numeric keys and function keys that allow operation without special skills.

Installations Around the World


Technical Information

DM-45(45-60 TPH) DM-50(60-90 TPH) DM-60(90-120 TPH) DM-65(120-150 TPH)
No. of Bins 4 4 4 4
Storage Capacity 31 MT 48 MT 54 MT 54 MT
Hopper Size (L × W) 2500mm × 2200mm 3000mm × 2200mm 3650mm × 2060mm 3650mm × 2060mm
Auxilliary Drive Motor 1.5 KW × 4 Nos. 1.5 KW × 4 Nos. 2.2 KW × 4 Nos. 2.2 KW × 4 Nos.
Auxilliary Conveyor Belt 400 mm × 2.2 Mtr. 500 mm × 2.92 Mtr. 500 mm × 2.92 Mtr. 450 mm × 3.78 Mtr.
Gathering Drive Motor 3.70 KW 3.70 KW 5.50 KW 5.50 KW
Gathering Conveyor Belt 500 mm × 22.5 Mtr. 600 mm × 25.6 Mtr. 600 mm × 25.6 Mtr. 600 mm × 29.6 Mtr.
Bin Vibrator (1 No.) 0.37 KW 0.37 KW 0.37 KW 0.37 KW
Feeding Capacity 100 TPH 150 TPH 200 TPH 200 TPH
Overall Dimension (Approx.) 11.6 mtr × 2.55 mtr × 2.45 mtr 13.5 mtr × 2.55 mtr × 2.45 mtr 16.25 mtr × 2.55 mtr × 2.75 mtr 16.25 mtr × 2.55 mtr × 3.00 mtr
Total Connected Load 8.85 KW 10.45 KW 15.05 KW 15.05 KW
Drive Motor 0.37 KW 0.37 KW 0.37 KW 0.37 KW
Wire Mesh 45 mm × 45 mm 45 mm × 45 mm 45 mm × 45 mm 45 mm × 45 mm
Screening Area 900 mm × 1200 mm 900 mm × 1200 mm 900 mm × 1200 mm 900 mm × 1200 mm
Conveyor drive Motor 2.20 KW 3.70 KW 3.70 KW 3.70 KW
Screening Area 500 mm × 15 Mtr. 600 mm × 15 Mtr. 600 mm × 15 Mtr. 600 mm × 15 Mtr.
Drive Motor 11.00 KW 18.50 KW 30.00 KW 45.00 KW
Burner Connected Power 4.45 KW 6.25 KW 13.2 KW 13.2 KW
Exhauster 11500 CFM 14500 CFM 18000 CFM 21000 CFM
Diameter 1230 mm 1540 mm 1850 mm 1850 mm
Length 6026 mm 6700 mm 7310 mm 8000 mm
Burner Rating 350 LPH 550 LPH 750 LPH 1100 LPH
Exhaust Drive Motor 11.00 KW 18.50 KW 30.00 KW 45.00 KW
No. of Cones 10 15 21 21
Dust Screw Drive Motor 0.75 KW 0.75 KW 1.50 KW 1.50 KW
Capacity 3000 Ltr. 5000 Ltr. 5000 Ltr. 7500 Ltr.
Conveyor Drive Motor 3.70 KW 5.50 KW 5.50 KW 5.50 KW
Conveyor Belt HR-Grade 500 mm × 17.9 Mtr. 600 mm × 17.9 Mtr. 600 mm × 20.3 Mtr. 600 mm × 20.3 Mtr.
Gob Hopper Capacity 550 Kg. 750 Kg. 1500 Kg. 2000 Kg.
Hydraulic Power Pack 1.5 KW 2.20 KW 3.70 KW 3.70 KW
BITUMEN TANK (0 shape Or U Shape)
Capacity & Shapes 15 Tons 20 Tons 20 Tons 25 Tons
Bitumen Drive Motor 3.70 KW 3.70 KW 3.70 KW 3.70 KW
Bitumen pump (jacketed) 50 mm × 50 mm 50 mm × 50 mm 50 mm × 50 mm 50 mm × 50 mm
Hot Oil Drive Motor 0.75 KW 0.75 KW 0.75 KW 0.75 KW
Hot Oil Pump 19 mm × 19 mm 19 mm × 19 mm 19 mm × 19 mm 19 mm × 19 mm
Drive Motor 0.75 KW 0.75 KW 0.75 KW 1.5 KW
Rotary Valve 4″ 4″ 4″ 6″
Capacity 1.5 m3 1.5 m3 1.5 m3 1.5 m3
Blower 2.2 KW 2.2 KW 3.7 KW 5.5 KW
Fully Furnished 12 × 8 feet 12 × 8 feet 12 × 8 feet 12 × 8 feet
Recommended Generator Set 100 KVA 125 KVA 182 KVA 250 KVA
Open Land Requirement 35 mtr. × 35 mtr. 40 mtr. × 40 mtr. 45 mtr. × 45 mtr. 50 mtr. × 50 mtr.
F.O. KIT (Optional)
Outflow Heater 4.5 KW 4.5 KW 4.5 KW 4.5 KW
In-Line Heater 14.5 KW 14.5 KW 14.5 KW 14.5 KW

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

What is an Asphalt Drum Mix Plant?

An Asphalt Drum Mix Plant is a facility used in road construction to produce asphalt mixture. As an experienced Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Manufacturer, we specialize in crafting these plants, combining precision engineering and advanced technology to deliver reliable and high-performance solutions for road infrastructure projects.

What are the components of an Asphalt Drum Mix Plant?

The critical components of an Asphalt Drum Mix Plant include the cold aggregate feeder, drum dryer, mixing unit, and control system. These components work harmoniously to process and produce high-quality asphalt. As experts in Asphalt Drum Mix Plant technology, we prioritize each component’s performance for optimal results in road construction projects.

What features does Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd's Asphalt Drum Mix Plant offer?

Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd’s Asphalt Drum Mix Plant features advanced technology, including a cradle-shaped drum drive for low maintenance, an automated lubrication system for longevity, and a unique flight design for efficient heat transfer. Our plants support versatile fuels, possess flame failure detection, and incorporate innovative nozzle systems for zero downtime cleaning.

How does an Asphalt Drum Mix Plant work?

An Asphalt Drum Mix Plant combines aggregates and bitumen to produce asphalt mix. As trusted Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Suppliers, we ensure seamless operation. Aggregates are heated, mixed, and coated with bitumen in the drum, resulting in the final asphalt product. Our plants excel in efficiency and quality.

How is an Asphalt Drum Mix Plant beneficial?

An Asphalt Drum Mix Plant offers multiple benefits, making it a cornerstone of road construction. With our Asphalt Drum Mix Plant technology, you gain enhanced efficiency, consistent quality, reduced fuel consumption, and minimized emissions. This leads to cost savings, improved road durability, and faster project completion, reinforcing its significance in modern construction.

What is the process of the asphalt drum mix plant?

An asphalt drum mix plant feeds cold aggregates into the drum, where they are heated and mixed with bitumen. Our plant’s technology ensures precise proportions and efficient heat transfer. The resulting asphalt mix is discharged from the drum and is ready for use in road construction.

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