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CAPACITY20-30 TPH40-60 TPH60-90 TPH90-120 TPH120-150 TPH
  • Standard Configuration
  • Four Bin Feeder with Gathering Conveyor
  • Oversize Removal Vibrating Screen
  • Slinger Conveyor
  • Drying & Mixing Drum with Pressure Jet Oil Burner & primary dust collector
  • Load out Conveyor with Hydraulic Hopper & Power Pack
  • Bitumen Tank with Auto Burner
  • LDO / Fuel Tank
  • Mineral Filler Unit with Blower
  • Electrical Control Panel for above (Automatic) with Printer
  • Fully Furnished, Insulted Control Cabin for Control panel
  • Pollution Control Unit

Drying & Mixing Drum

The Drying and Mixing unit of the asphalt plant demands complex flight design and heat transfer technology. With our passion to build the best machines, continuous R & D and incorporation of the latest design up-gradations, CMPL thermodrum is way ahead of competition. The CMPL thermodrom unit follows a triple heat transfer system that ensures a total transfer of heat to the aggregates, translating into higher productivity and lower fuel consumption. The heat is transferred to the aggregates using the conductive, connective and radiation techniques. The field proven unique flight design ensures total heat transfer, a thorough mixing & coating, lower emissions and prevention of bitumen oxidation.

Filler Storage Unit

CONINFRA offers a wide range (1.5-50 tons) of filler storage and feeding solutions for the customers to choose form, depending on the site requirements. A variable speed computerized synchronized metering system ensures the right proportioning in the mix.

Bitumen Injection

A high capacity hot oil jacketed gear type pump, controlled by an AC variable speed drive feeds the metered amount of Bitumen into the mixing section of the thermodrum unit. The fully automatic SCADA/PLC/Microprocessor control ensures a precise metering of bitumen.

Cold Aggregate Four Bin Feeder

The bins are all-welded and modular in construction, permitting easy addition of bins to meet growing needs. Steep bin walls and valley angles allow free flow of aggregates from the feeders minimizing hold up to materials in the corners and bridging with sticky aggregates. The bins supplied with adjustable calibrated gate openings and variable speed feeder drives, together offer total proportional control, greater flexibility and accuracy of operations.

Drum Mechanics

The 30-120 TPH plants are supplied with a low maintenance cradle type drum drive. The auto lubrication system ensures proper and adequate lubrication on the chain drive thereby ensuring long life of machine with trouble free service. Optionally a four wheel friction drive, which is a standard on the 120 TPH and higher models, can be supplied. Specially treated sprockets, thrust wheels, tunion rings & tunion rollers, engineered precisely for flawless and trouble free dryer drum rotation, ensures unlimited productivity.

Oversize Removal Vibrating Screen

The CMPL Series asphalt plants are supplied with oversize aggregate removal vibratory screens. It is positioned at the end of cold aggregate feeder. Any oversize material, detrimental for the heating and mixing thermodrum internals, are screened out ensuring better performance and safety of the plant.

Pressure Jet Burner

The high pressure atomized, fully automatic remotely controlled burner unit has already gained an enviable reputation for its fuel efficiency, ease of operation and high uptime. Completely automatic process controls with system interlocks ensure conformance to high safety standards. This burner is suitable to use LDO /Diesel/FO as fuel and is fitted with remote control system to detect flame failure and have electric spark ignition system. Our unique nozzle system allows cleaning during running condition thus allowing zero downtime.

Pollution Control Unit (Optional)

CV Series – Wet Dust Collectors

CV Series is a venturi type high efficiency wet dust collector that maintains the required environmental standards in specific areas. The extreme turbulence type venturi design ensures a very good entrapping of the dust laden exhaust gas. Large stainless steel spray nozzles provide a clog free operation and assure minimum water make up requirements. The adjustable venturi throat permits “fine tuning” to get optimum cleaning efficiency for the plant operating conditions.

Bag House Filter Unit

We have developed a state of the art free air flow type bag house filter unit especially for asphalt application with specially treated metaaramid filter elements. This zero maintenance design keeps emissions at less than 50 mg/Nm3, which meets international pollution control norms. This environment friendly unit has low operation cost & long life.

Hot Mix Storage Silo

Coninfra Equipments Works offers a complete range of customized solutions for asphalt storage. The standard range includes MONOPAK and TWINPAK systems. MONOPAK silos are available with storage capacities from 70 to 80 Tons. The TWINPAK silos are available with storage capacities ranging from 50 to 80 Tons with an additional feature of storing different mix designs. Various storage combinations can be availed by opting for customized MULTIPAK designs.The silos are supplied with automated standard safety controls and process interlocks. The storage silos can be supplied with skip hoist arrangement, hot bucket elevators or swiveling loadout conveyors.

Bitumen Heating Storage Solution

With CONINFRA Machinery Pvt. Ltd. (CMPL), customers can opt for a direct heating type or hot oil heated bitumen storage tanks. Storage capacities range from 10 tons to 50 tons. The indirect heating tanks are supplied with a Japanese design thermic oil heater. The Direct heating tanks are supplied with automatic imported pressure jet burner. As a standard, all CMPL tanks are supplied with auto thermostatic controls, hot oil circulating systems and jacketed bitumen pumps. The tanks are fully insulated to minimize the heat loss and are provided.


Fully computerized control cabin with on board electrical power control console, distribution switch board, fully automatic process and sequence controls are a standard on our KEW series plants.

A user friendly software gives you total reliability and ensures top notch performance.

  • FaiI proof interlocks and auto process controls
  • Online fault detection
  • Online printing facility
  • Provisions to print, store and edit production detaiIs, mix proportions, etc.
  • Display of all process control parameters
  • Automatic, semi-automatic &manual operation
  • The control is equipped with function keys and numeric keys and does not require special skills for operation