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It is crucial to acquire technically advanced equipment to produce high-quality cement that serves the rising standards of the construction industry. Producing top-quality cement is a time-consuming process that involves mixing different materials in accurate proportions. Considering these prerequisites, Confinra Machinery Pvt. Ltd. manufactures state-of-the-art cement batching plants. The quality and demand of our products make us one of the leading cement batching plant manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our equipment is highly durable and caters to the unique requirements of different projects.clone smart watcheself bar 5000casetify phone cases


Meets the Diverse & Stringent Demand of the Industry

Thanks to our expert engineers, we employ innovative technologies to ensure high performance, reliability, and durability. Our concrete batching plants provide you with a homogeneous and uniform cement mixture using high-quality materials. You can regulate the settings as per your requirements to enhance productivity. Whether you are looking to build durable pavers or an industrial area, our equipment helps you produce the best quality cement with optimum efficiency.

Salient Features of Concrete Manufacturing Plant


Easily Installation

Our concrete batching plants are suitable for small to large-scale operations. Thanks to compact aggregate feeders and a user-friendly interface integrated into the equipment. Whether you want a stationary or mobile batching plant, our machinery is easy to install and operable in all weather conditions.


Customizable Accessories

Customized accessories allow you to increase the productivity of your construction process. Options include a moisture probe system and silo accessories, among others, to fit your specific requirements.


Advanced Control of the Process

The SCADA system and the PLC system enhance mixing and aid in accomplishing the process with zero error. This results in reduced operational costs and improved flexibility.


Robust Structure with Four Bin System

Our machine offers a robust design with a three to four bins system. This enables you to store and use the ingredients to produce first-grade cement.


Low Maintenance

The concrete batching plant is equipped with a high-pressure jet system that conducts proper cleaning and helps in low maintenance.

Availability of Different Models!

Stationary Cement Batching Plant

Our stationary batching plant works at total capacity and efficiency to produce vast amounts of cement in a hassle-free process.

Mobile Cement Batching Plant

Our mobile plant is designed to help you assemble it quickly. This allows you to manufacture first-grade cement at remote locations. The machine is portable and does not require a huge area for installation.

We Carry the Best Road Construction Tools & Equipment!

Coninfra Machinery offers a broad range of cutting-edge and cost-effective concrete solutions for projects of different scopes and sizes. We have long-established experience and skills to provide you with the right solution.

For any inquiries about our cement batching plants, call us at +91 90999 41311 or email us at sales@coninfra.in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cement Batching Plant

What is a cement batching plant?

A cement batching plant is used in construction to mix cement, water, and aggregates to create concrete. It ensures precise proportions and consistent quality for various construction applications.

What are the advantages of using Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd's cement batching plant?

Utilizing Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd’s cement batching plants offers advantages like consistent concrete quality, precise batching, reduced wastage, and enhanced productivity. Our plants adhere to international standards and environmental norms, ensuring sustainable construction practices.

What are the features of Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd's cement batching plant?

Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd’s cement batching plants, including Stationary and Mobile variants, feature advanced technology. They include accurate weighing systems, efficient mixing units, user-friendly controls, and durable construction. Our plants ensure reliable and accurate concrete production.

What are the safety features of Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd's cement batching plant?

Safety is paramount in Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd’s cement batching plants. They incorporate emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks, protective guards, and clear signage. These measures ensure safe operations and prevent accidents.

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