Road Marking Machine

Coninfra Machinery offers the road marking machine as time-saving and cost-effective equipment that does not compromise on quality and is low maintenance.

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Road Marking Machine

  • For the application of hot thermoplastic marking on roads
  • User friendly, easy to operate and for application of precise an extraordinary strength and gives consistent performance and break free operation
  • Hand push type self-propelled thermoplastic road marking machine
  • Rotor glass bead system
  • Stainless steel tank and agitator with vertically mounted agitating arm
  • Front-mounted pointer guides are adjustable according to laying shoe size
  • LPG heating system
  • Hand torch for safe lighting of burners
  • Glass beads storage box with window
  • Auto lockable rear wheel capable of straight & fine alignment of markings
  • Versatile road marking machine suitable for small as well as big projects
  • For different line widths, only need to change the marking shoe with a different size

Mobile Spot Mix Plant

  • 6-10 TPH Capacity
  • Batch type with self-contained continuous drying and separate batch mixing unit
  • Mounted on four nos. Pneumatic wheels
  • Drawbar with foldable feed elevator & Chimney
  • Powered by Simpson S433 Water cooled Diesel Engine, LAP Burner, Exhauster & Blower
  • Reducation Gear Box, Temperature Gauge
  • Pug Mill Mixer
  • Telescopic Jacks (optional)

Chips Spreader

Thermoplastic Pre-Heater

Thermal Oil jacketed thermoplastic pre-heaters, having a capacity of 300 kgs (12 Bags)

The new heating system and stirring system designs improve its melting efficiency

It is made of special steel with scorch resistance, heating resistance and oxidation resistance, and its melting quality is much better

Vertical type mechanical agitation provided horizontal & vertical stirrer agitations blades

Provide heat-eliminating glass wool insulation on the outer portion

Skid-mounted, ideal to be transported or mounted on a small 1-ton capacity tempo/vehicle

Benefits Of Road Marking Machine

A road marking machine is essential to improve safety, direction, and navigation on roads. The equipment helps increase your workforce’s productivity and reduces costs related to productivity and supplies.

A superior-quality road marking machine uses high-quality thermoplastic markings that provide long-lasting reflectivity to the paint. It enables drivers to see the road marking better at night or even in bad weather conditions when visibility is poor. Any low-quality thermoplastic marking can lead to a loss of reflectivity and shine.

Coninfra Machinery offers the road marking machine as time-saving and cost-effective equipment that does not compromise on quality and is low maintenance.

Installations Around the World

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Road Making Machine

What features does the Coninfra Road Marking Machine offer?

As a distinguished Road Marking Machine manufacturer in India, the Coninfra Road Marking Machine streamlines and optimizes marking tasks. With adjustable speed control, a spacious reservoir tank, refilling alerts via digital display, an integrated cleaning system, and automatic shutoff for safety, it guarantees efficiency and precision. This machine exemplifies Coninfra’s commitment to both operational excellence and operator well-being.

What safety guidelines should be followed when using the Road Marking Machine?

When using Coninfra’s Road Marking Machine, follow safety protocols: wear PPE, work in ventilated spaces, know emergency stops, train operators, stay within pressure limits, clear workspace, use on stable ground, keep fire safety measures, consider respiratory protection, and conduct routine maintenance.

What is the warranty coverage for the Road Marking Machine?

The Coninfra Road Marking Machine comes with a two-year warranty that covers the cost of parts and labour. The warranty also includes coverage for any repair or replacement due to manufacturer defects. Additionally, you can purchase an extended warranty if needed for further protection. This will ensure that your machine is covered in case of any unexpected issues or damage.

What type of maintenance is required to operate the Road Marking Machine?

As a reputable Road Marking Machine manufacturer in India, Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd, sustaining the machine’s efficiency demands regular maintenance. After each use, thorough cleaning is essential to prevent paint buildup. Regular fluid inspections maintain proper paint supply and consistency. Routinely examine components like hoses, nozzles, filters, and valves for wear, replacing damaged parts promptly. Lubricate moving parts and ensure the functionality of electrical components, including safety features. Professional servicing by certified technicians aids in identifying and addressing potential issues. Following these practices preserves the optimal condition of the Road Marking Machine, minimizing downtime and ensuring reliable operations.

What types of surfaces can the Road Marking Machine be used on?

The versatile Coninfra Road Marking Machine can be effectively used on a wide range of surfaces, including roads, highways, parking lots, airport runways, industrial areas, and various pavement types. Its adaptable nature ensures precise and consistent marking results, making it suitable for diverse marking applications.

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