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Discover the Coninfra Dry Mix Mortar Plant. Your pathway to efficient and consistent mortar production. Experience precision blending, reduced waste, and accelerated project timelines. Unleash the future of construction with our advanced machinery. Building Together, Building Better.

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Advantages Dry Mix Mortar Plant


Consistent Product Quality


Good Water Resistance Property


Reduced shrinkage cracks through better cement hydration


No delaminating or pop-out on smooth or concrete surface due to very good bond strength


Good Workability and sag resistance


Very good Compressive Flexural and Tensile strength than ASTM standard values


Better Flexibility


Easy to Mix & Apply


Better Finish & Surface Appearance


Almost Zero Wastage of the Material @ Site


Minimum space required for the storage


Inventory cost saving


No multiple raw materials (sand, cement, and additives)


Minimum supervision required

Installations Around the World

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dry Mix Mortar Plant

What is a Dry Mix Mortar Plant and its significance in construction?

A Dry Mix Mortar Plant is a specialized facility for producing pre-mixed dry mortar products used in various construction applications. It simplifies construction processes, enhances work efficiency, and ensures consistent mortar quality.

How does Coninfra ensure the quality of dry mortar produced by the plant?

Quality assurance is paramount. Our Dry Mix Mortar Plant incorporates advanced technology for accurate weighing, mixing, and packaging. Regular quality checks and adherence to industry standards guarantee consistent and reliable mortar products.

Does Coninfra offer support for the installation, training, and maintenance of the plant?

Absolutely. We provide comprehensive support, from installation and commissioning to operator training and ongoing maintenance assistance. Our expert team ensures that your Dry Mix Mortar Plant functions optimally and efficiently throughout its lifecycle.

What types of mortar can be produced with Coninfra's Dry Mix Mortar Plant?

Our plant is versatile and capable of producing a wide range of dry mortar mixes, including adhesive mortar, plastering mortar, masonry mortar, and more. It caters to diverse construction needs with precision and reliability.

Is the Dry Mix Mortar Plant customizable to specific project requirements?

Yes, customization is a core feature. Our plant can be tailored to meet project-specific requirements, including output capacity, mix formulation, and automation level. This flexibility ensures that every construction project is well-supported.

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