Hydraulic Road Sweeper

Coninfra Machinery is one of the most reputable road sweeper manufacturers in Ahmedabad, India. We specialize in hydraulic road sweepers, broomer brushes, and other construction equipment. Our products are durable and designed to deliver increased efficiency and resistance to extreme Indian conditions. Each machine features first-grade components focused on enhancing functionality. In addition, our hydraulic broomer is integrated with an easily attachable mechanism and a practical front-end system chaine coque telephonephone caseself bar 5000helpful resources

Robust Sweeper
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Robust Sweeper

Basic Configuration

  • Machine casing stable and rigid construction
  • Working width 2000 mm
  • Pressure release valve 160 bar ( to protect the hydraulic system )
  • Tough wheels of 200 x 50 mm
  • Run-on system prevents sudden stop of the heavy brush
  • Hydraulic functionality of the loader or tractor for the broomer
  • Easy snap-on , snap-off functionality can be attached/ defached within minutes
  • Adjustable Brush Height, Replacable Brushes
  • Broom uses hydraulically angles 30 degrees in either direction

Hydraulic Road Sweeper

  • Strong wheels 250 x 80 mm for demanding jobs and extreme conditions
  • Hydraulic side brush for low-wall sweeping, including water-spray system
  • Water-spray system to bind dust, intermitting pump, and 100 or 200 Ltr. tank
  • Side lamps

Attachment Systems

  • Three point linkage system for rear mounting (for tractors)
  • Front end attachment system

Comparison Of Coninfra Robust Sweeper With Other Road Sweepers Available In India

Introduced in India and integrated with European technology. A half hydraulic road sweeper attached with a hydraulic power pack facilitates the mechanical movement of the machine.
100% power for faster and more effective cleaning. Only 50% of energy is available for cleaning surfaces due to the mechanical action of shafts.
The hydraulic motor enables variable speed. P.T.O. rpm are fixed, so the hydraulic broomer operates at a single speed.
Specially designed polypropylene brushes exert less pressure on the motor to improve the brush’s life Regular round edge design of nylon brushes put more pressure on brushes which results in frequent wear and tear. These brushes start moving with pressure and are not accurate and consistent in cleaning.
Quality brush for proper movement The mechanical coupling of the hydraulic road sweepers’ broom shaft to the P.T.O shaft results in increased downtime. Outdated technology broomers that use gear and chain drive consist of brittle components and need high maintenance. The use of pneumatic tires is more likely to cause frequent punctures.
Maintenance-free equipment with solid zero maintenance tires Hydraulic power packs require separate hydraulic oil hidden costs that add to increased expenses for customers.
Additional hydraulic oil is not needed. The hydraulic sweeper takes a minimum of 45 minutes to connect with the P.T.O shaft.
Time-efficient coupler ensures quick and easy operation.

Our Hydraulic Road Sweeper

Our road sweeper offers high reliability and efficiency, which makes it a valuable addition to any construction project. It is effective in sweeping away stones, metal pieces, glass, leaves, dirt, and other debris, and therefore it helps keep the job site clean. As a result, it improves safety and reduces the possibility of accidents. Our self-propelled hydraulic road sweeper is user-friendly equipment that helps in completing a task in minimal time. The blower and broom assembly are the backbones of the cleaning system. These are designed to enable quick operation effectively.

Installations Around the World

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Hydraulic Broomer!

What are the key features of the Hydraulic Road Sweeper by Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd?

Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd’s Hydraulic Road Sweeper boasts advanced features like robust construction, efficient dust collection, and adjustable sweeping width. It includes a powerful hydraulic system, user-friendly controls, and a high-capacity hopper for effective debris collection. The sweeper is designed for durability, easy maintenance, and reliable performance.

What is the maximum water capacity of the Hydraulic Road Sweeper?

The Hydraulic Road Sweeper offers a substantial water capacity, ensuring efficient dust suppression during sweeping operations. The larger water tank enhances its ability to control airborne dust particles effectively.

What types of maintenance and servicing do the Hydraulic Road Sweeper require?

The Hydraulic Road Sweeper requires routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Regular inspections, cleaning of filters, lubrication of moving parts, and hydraulic system checks are necessary. Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd provides detailed maintenance guidelines to facilitate upkeep and extend the sweeper’s lifespan.

What types of surfaces can the Hydraulic Road Sweeper effectively clean?

The Hydraulic Road Sweeper is versatile, effectively cleaning various surfaces such as roads, streets, parking lots, and industrial areas. It efficiently removes dirt, debris, and litter, providing thorough cleaning for enhanced aesthetics and safety.

What safety features are included in the Hydraulic Road Sweeper?

Safety is a priority in Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd’s Hydraulic Road Sweeper. It incorporates emergency stop buttons, protective grating, and warning signals to ensure safe operation and prevent accidents during sweeping activities.

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