Cement/FLY Ash Silo

Fly ash and cement handling is an essential process for building sturdy road structures. It requires a dry and consistent environment to ensure a proper flow. At ConInfra Machinery, we offer superior built fly ash silo, plant concrete mixer, and cement silo to streamline your processes. Made from the highest-quality materials and equipped with the latest technology advancements, our equipment delivers functionality that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.


Benefits of Using Our Fly Ash Silo

Structural support allows easy
material handling

Use of innovative technology to safely store and protect the integrity of the material

Professional engineering allows ease of use at affordable rates

Key Feature of the Vertical Storage Silo

  1. Storage silos con be used to store Cement, Fly ash and GGBS as per the requirement of the clients
  2. Storage silo comes in various capacities like 50 MT, 65 MT, 100 MT and 150 MT storage capacities.
  3. We aslo provide silo accessories like:

Paddle type level indicators

Top/Bottom mounted Dust collectors

Pressure safety relief valves

Fluidization nozzles, Bin Aerators

Twin Lobe blowers for bulker unloading

Manual bag feeding system


Concrete Mixer

The construction industry requires constant mixing of high-grade concrete for operational efficiency. ConInfra Machinery offers a unique concrete mixer with advanced functionalities to meet your varied construction needs. Our plant concrete mixers are backed by excellent engineering to provide the desired propionate concrete mixing and production at any time. With easy maneuverability and high-performance, you can expect high-quality concrete even at remote job sites.

Features of Our Concrete Mixture

  • Being able to mix the exact amount you want prevents wastage and helps to save cost.
  • With excellent weight capacity, loading, and mixing, you get flexible concrete delivery.
  • The rigid construction of the machine will help you meet the requirements of large-scale projects.

Horizontal Cement /Fly Ash Storage Silo

Storing cement requires quality and durable equipment that enables a dry and safe environment. ConInfra Machinery is a leading supplier of cement silo to accommodate your varied cement storage needs. Whether you have a large-scale operation or a small project, our durable and user-friendly equipment will protect the cement from moisture and other impurities for the best results.

Key Features of the Horizontal Storage Silo

  • Comes in storage capacity of 40 MT/60 MT and 80 MT
  • No requirement of heavy civil foundation works
  • Easy to erect and commission at site and easy to shift,
  • No cement Go down required at site.
  • Client can store loose as well as bag cement in this horizontal silo.
  • No wastage of cement due to leak proof design.
  • Helps you to achieve Pollution free handling of cement at site.
  • Easy to shift and reinstall as the horizontal silo comes with skid mounted design.

We also provide below listed silo accessories along with this horizontal silo

  • Top mounted dust collector
  • Paddle type level indicators
  • Vibro motors
  • Horizontal screw conveyer
  • Pneumatic bulk cement unloading system
  • Silo control panel with all indicators
  • Pressure safety relief valve

We Carry the Highest Quality Road Construction Equipment

ConInfra Machinery is a leading cement silo manufacturers in Gujarat, we offer robust solutions to enhance your construction project efficiency. We follow stringent quality control practices for superior performance. Call our experts today at +91 90999 41311 or send us a quick mail at sales@coninfra.in to learn more about our road construction equipment range, including asphalt sprayer, fly ash silo, and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cement/Fly Ash Silo

What are the features of the Cement/Fly Ash Silo offered by Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd?

Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd’s Cement/Fly Ash Silo combines robust construction, high storage capacity, and efficient material discharge mechanisms. The silo incorporates accurate level indicators, convenient maintenance access points, and user-friendly controls, ensuring seamless operation and effective storage management.

What safety features are included in the Cement/Fly Ash Silo?

Safety is paramount in Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd’s Cement/Fly Ash Silo. It integrates essential safety features such as anti-overfill systems, pressure relief valves, and protective grating. These features prevent overloading, control pressure levels, and enhance safety by preventing accidental access to moving parts.

What is the maximum capacity of the Cement/Fly Ash Silo offered by Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd?

Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd’s Cement/Fly Ash Silo offers diverse capacities based on chosen models. With various sizes available, tailored to project needs, it accommodates varying storage requirements for cement and fly ash. This flexibility ensures efficient storage solutions for construction projects of different scales.

How does the Cement/Fly Ash Silo ensure product quality?

The Cement/Fly Ash Silo safeguards product quality through an airtight design. By shielding stored materials like cement and fly ash from external elements, such as moisture and contaminants, maintains their integrity. This preservation ensures that the materials remain suitable for producing high-quality concrete, enhancing construction projects’ overall quality and durability.

What are the maintenance requirements for the Cement/Fly Ash Silo?

The Cement/Fly Ash Silo’s dependable performance necessitates regular maintenance. Periodic inspections to identify wear, cleaning to prevent material buildup, and proper lubrication of moving components are vital. Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd provides comprehensive maintenance guidelines to ensure optimal silo functionality and longevity.

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