Trolly Mounted Bitumen Sprayer

Unveiling the Coninfra Trolley Mounted Bitumen Sprayer. Pave the way to smoother roads with precision bitumen application. Enhanced efficiency, superior coverage, and durability in one advanced machinery. Elevate your road construction projects with our innovation. Crafting Highways, Building Connections.



(Kirloskar/HTC) make 6.0 HP air cooled diesel engine

L.A.P. Burner heating system/Wood fire heating system available

Air compressor for road cleaning facility & L.A.P. burner Bitumen tank heating system

Nozzle with M.S. Spray Gun handle, Bitumen pump

Trolley wheel Pneumatic Rubber Type (2 nos./(OPTIONS)4 nos.)

S.S. corru. Flexible hose pipe/(OPTIONS) Rubber stem hose pipe

Installations Around the World


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Trolly Mounted Bitumen Sprayer

What is a Trolley Mounted Bitumen Sprayer, and how does it work?

The Trolley Mounted Bitumen Sprayer is a specialized machine designed to spray precise and controlled road surface bitumen. It is mounted on a trolley for easy maneuverability. The sprayer evenly distributes bitumen, ensuring optimal coverage and improved road quality.

Can this sprayer handle different types of bitumen and road surfaces?

Yes, our Trolley Mounted Bitumen Sprayer is designed to accommodate various types of bitumen and can be adjusted for different road surfaces. This versatility ensures consistent performance across multiple projects, from highways to local roads.

Is training provided for operating and maintaining the Trolley Mounted Bitumen Sprayer?

Yes, Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd offers comprehensive training for operating and maintaining our bitumen sprayer. Our experts guide proper usage, maintenance routines, troubleshooting, and safety protocols to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity of the equipment.

What are the key benefits of using Coninfra's Trolley Mounted Bitumen Sprayer?

Our sprayer offers numerous advantages, including uniform bitumen application, reduced wastage, improved adhesion, and quicker road construction. It features advanced technology for efficient spraying, helping you achieve superior road surfaces with less effort.

What safety features are integrated into Coninfra's bitumen sprayer?

Safety is paramount. Our sprayer includes temperature control, pressure regulation, and safety valves to prevent overflows or accidents. Additionally, it’s designed with user-friendly controls, protective shields, and emergency shutdown mechanisms for operator security.

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