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Confinra Machinery is one of the most reliable bitumen decanting machine manufacturers in Ahmedabad, India. The bitumen drum decanter melting unit is a highly durable and powerful heavy structure manufactured from standard steel. It comprises two components in the unit: a heating chamber as the upper part and a storage tank for melting bitumen as the lower part.

Both the parts are 100% insulated with 75 mm Rockwool.

Bitumen Drum Melting Unit Gallery 1080_800
Bitumen Drum Melting Unit Gallery 1080_800(2)

The equipment uses hot oil heating coils to heat asphalt indirectly. This method prevents the asphalt quality from aging during heating. The heating unit features seamless tubes, which are 2.9 mm thick and tested at 2000 psi.

The drum loading system with hydraulic cylinders is designed to reduce manpower and production cost.

We introduced our new product, “bitumen drum decanter melting unit,” to remove bitumen from drums and heat it using a thermic oil heater. The batch-type drum melting system is environmentally-friendly, saves on energy sources, and makes the operation effective. The equipment is user-friendly and easy to operate.

MODEL 2 × 9 2 × 10 3 × 9 3 × 10 4 × 9 4 × 10
CAPACITY/HR. 3 tons 3.5 tons 5 tons 5.5 tons 6.5 tons 7 tons

Thermic Boiler

3,00,000 – 75,00,000 Kcal/h capacities

Thermal circulation pump

Operable by automatic min­ max temperature control time

High-low pressure control, High performance

Level gauge for thermal-oil/voiced and lightened warning system

Separately usable from the control cabin

Installations Around the World

Bitumen Drum Melting Unit Gallery 1080_800(3)
Bitumen Drum Melting Unit Gallery 1080_800(2)
Bitumen Drum Melting Unit Gallery 1080_800(1)

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bitumen Drum Melting Unit

What is a bitumen drum melting unit?

A bitumen drum melting unit is a specialized piece of equipment used to produce hot bitumen for construction and engineering projects. It typically consists of an insulated melting chamber, a burner, and an asphalt pump. The melted bitumen is then stored in drums before being transported to the site where it will be used. Bitumen drum melting units are designed to safely.

Are there any other safety precautions I should take when using a bitumen drum?

Taking all necessary safety precautions when using a bitumen drum melting unit is essential. Always wear the appropriate protective gear, such as gloves and goggles. Make sure that the location of the decanter is clear of any combustible material. Additionally, never leave the unit unattended while running and ensure all electrical connections are secure and in good condition. Lastly, follow all manufacturer’s instructions for proper operation and maintenance. Working with a bitumen drum is an essential yet potentially dangerous task – ensuring that all safety procedures are followed is crucial.

What safety features are included with Coninfra’s bitumen decanter?

Coninfra’s bitumen decanter is designed with user safety in mind. It has a built-in flame failure system that will shut off the burner if the pilot light should go out, helping to prevent any accidents or injuries. Additionally, it features an emergency stop button which can be used to quickly shut off the unit in case of any unforeseen problems. The team also has a temperature control system, allowing for precise adjustments and helping to ensure that the bitumen is heated properly and safely. All these features help to make Coninfra’s bitumen decanter one of the safest on the market.

What are the features and benefits of Coninfra’s bitumen decanter?

Coninfra, a trusted bitumen decanter manufacturer, offers units with features like efficient heating mechanisms, digital temperature control, insulated design for heat retention, and user-friendly operation. The benefits include rapid melting, precise temperature control, reduced labor, and enhanced workflow efficiency.

How does the bitumen decanter work?

The bitumen decanter, engineered by Coninfra, a leading manufacturer, operates straightforwardly. The unit heats the bitumen drum to its melting point. Positioned atop the unit, the drum undergoes heating via the internal burner system. Upon melting, the bitumen becomes pumpable through an outlet valve, ready for utilization. The temperature control system, a hallmark of Coninfra’s expertise as a bitumen decanter manufacturer, facilitates accurate application adjustments, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability.

What maintenance requirements are needed for Coninfra’s bitumen decanter?

Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance. Maintenance includes cleaning heating elements, checking electrical connections, and inspecting insulation. Coninfra provides comprehensive maintenance guidelines to ensure their bitumen decanter units’ longevity and smooth operation.

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