Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd is a well-known manufacturer of Asphalt Batch Mix Plants and Concrete Batching Plants. We design our products keeping the requirements of clients in consideration. Our product is ideal construction equipment for manufacturing asphalt for building roads through batch mixing.

Each batch mix plant reduces maintenance costs and provides optimum performance through quality, durability, and efficiency. We offer a broad spectrum of asphalt batch mix plants that meet your batch mixing needs during diverse construction projects.

We combine innovative technology and design, accompanied by comprehensive industry research, to manufacture world-class batch mixing equipment. Whether you seek a specific size or configuration batching plant, we offer custom solutions that guarantee ease of operations from start to finish.


Standard Configuration

We combine state-of-the-art technology with high efficiency to offer our asphalt batching plants that help contractors achieve the most promising batch mixing outcome. Our product is easy to operate, smooth working, and offers high performance. The low operation and maintenance costs ensure affordability at its best.

Conveyor Belt For Aggregate

  • Ensures high performance under extreme conditions
  • Vibrator for smooth flow of aggregates
  • Well-design gathering conveyor
  • Control cabin available for controlling process
  • Proportionate control and accuracy of operations
  • Grid to prevent the passing of the coarse material

Drying Drum

  • Designed from special alloys to achieve higher heat efficiency
  • Drying flight design for homogenous heat transfer to varying sizes of aggregates
  • Thoughtful bucket design
  • Proportionate control and accuracy of operations
  • Optimum heat transfer via specially designed burner and inner parts of the dryer
  • Low maintenance of bucket systems

Modulating Burner

  • Suitable for all types of fluids, including natural gas and LPG
  • Remote operation from the control cabin regulates air/fuel ratio, flame length, suction, etc.
  • Obtains complete combustion and ensures low NOX, CO emission, high efficiency, and low fuel combustion.
  • Safe and secure operation
  • The rail system delivers ease of maintenance and repair

Vibrating Screen

  • Fully enclose linear vibrating screens with superior quality screen cloth
  • Screening unit with vibrating motors placed on heavy-duty springs
  • Huge screening area
  • Sufficient area for maintenance
  • Easy replacement of screen
  • Unobstructed removal of oversized materials

Hot Aggregate Elevator

  • Modular design for quick installation and conveyance
  • Fully enclose linear vibrating screens with superior quality screen cloth
  • Bearings designed with special dust protection
  • Easy maintenance clams for manual operation
  • Extensive maintenance platforms
  • Wearing plates acts as a protective barrier against abrasion
  • Anti-slip feature

Weighing Unit

  • Automatic individual weighing of aggregate, filler, and foreign particles
  • Weighing systems features load cells for bitumen
  • Weighing hoppers equipped with proper shock isolation
  • Weighing sytem with load-cells for bitumin
  • Each compartment with level indicator


  • Uniform batch mixing time
  • Ni-Hard 4 or long-lasting high manganese cat material produces mixing palettes
  • Gates equipped with pneumatic control system
  • Full-length gate for quick discharge
  • Simultaneous working parallex double shapht
  • Perfect apsphalt with 25-30 sec. mixing times

Filler Silo

  • Double silo system for foreign filler material and recovered filler
  • Separate flow to the weighing unit
  • Balanced discharging through rotary valve
  • Pneumatic shock design for easy flow
  • Close-circuit operating system
  • Recovered filler sillo capacity ranging from 3 to 20 tons

Bitumen Tank

  • Perfectly insulated for long-lasting heat protection
  • Bitumen jacketed piping with process valves and manual tank selection fittings
  • Three-way pneumatic bitumen feeding system
  • Premium design thermic oil heater
  • Three-way valves system for easy connection
  • Thermostatic valves for heat control
  • Level and gauge indicators

Thermic Fluid Heater

  • Equipped with hot oil jacketing on bitumen pipeline
  • Independent use facility via control cabin
  • Low to high-pressure control system
  • Level gauge for thermal oil
  • Audio warning system with light signals
  • Thermal circulation pump

Bag House Filter

  • Filter bags are resistant to 200℃ temperature.
  • The fresh air system works for over 2000℃
  • Auto control system
  • Low emissions below 20Mg/M3 as per international standards
  • Compact with a large filtration area
  • Reuse of coarse material from re-separator and reuse of fine materials from filter
  • Long-lasting

Control Panel

  • Distribrution of aggregate (in hots bins)
  • Distribution of complementary material (filter, cement)
  • Amount of bitumen
  • Failures & alarm distribution
  • Mixing times period
  • Production capacity dstribution
  • Cold aggregate feeding distribution (requid capacity)

Four Bin Feeder

  • Organize and manage multiple aggregates seamlessly.
  • Enhanced feeding efficiency.
  • Accommodates various materials for diverse project needs.
  • Boosted productivity, less labor.
  • Precisely regulate material flow for optimal mixing.
  • Durable, low downtime operation.
  • Streamlined material handling.

Hot Bin

  • Store and organize hot aggregates conveniently.
  • Uniform material blending.
  • Streamline production with easy access to heated aggregates.
  • Superior mix temperature control.
  • Customizable bin layouts.
  • Minimized material segregation.
  • Safe material handling.

Installations Around the World


Technical Information

Plan Type CMPL 80 CMPL 120 CMPL 160 CMPL 200 CMPL 250 CMPL 300 CMPL 400
Four Bin Feeder capacity (m3) 8,10,12,15,20,m3 feeding width is up to 650 mm, dosing with frequency contrlling
Collecting Belt Width (mm) Length (mm) 500 600 600 650 850 850 850
Varies according to the number of silos
Inclined Belt Width (mm)01 500 600 600 650 850 850 850
Dryer Diameter (m) Length (m) 1.60 1.80 2.00 2.20 2.40 2.40 2.70
7.00 8.00 8.60 9.00 9.00 10.00 12.00
Sieving MAchine
4,5,6 Decks
Hot Aggregate Silos Capacities (tons)
4,5,6 Divisions
9 20 20 25 25 30 30
Aggregate Weighing Capacities (kg) 1250 1500 2000 2500 3000 4000 5000
Filler Weighing Capacities (kg) 150 200 200 250 300 400 500
Bitumen Feeding Capacities (kg) 6 6 10 10 15 15 20
Mixer Capacities (kg) 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 4000 5000
Coninfra Automation System
Bitumen – Fuel Tank Capacities (m3)
20, 25, 30, 50, 60
Thermal Oil System *1000 (Kcal/h) 300 500 600 750 1000 1000 1000
Electrical Heating
For all capacities, can be produced in variable capacities regarding to your requests.

Secondary Pollution Control Unit

Coninfra Series Wet Dust Collector Bag House Type Filter
Type: Water Scrubber Type: Reverse Air Flow
Exhauster Power: 29.83 KW Exhauster Power: 55.93 KW
Water Pump: 3.73 KW Dust Emission: < 50 mg/Nm3
Dust Emission: < 150 mg/Nm3 Overall Dimensions without Chimney
Overall Dimensions without Ducts: 6300 mm (H) * 5720 mm(L) * 2100 mm(W)
3500 mm(H) * 1500 mm (L) * 1800 mm(W)


Filler Silo Capacity 4/10/15/25/40 Tons
Bitumen Tanks Capacity 15/20/25/30/50 Tons
Heating Type Direct / Hot Oil Heating Tubular Boiler
Hot Oil Heater Type Normal Pressure Horizontal Tubular Boiler
Capacity 500,000Kcal/Hr.
Hot Mix Capacity 25/50/25/30/50 Tons

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

What are the features of Coninfra Machinery’s Asphalt Batch Mix Plant?

Coninfra Machinery’s Asphalt Batch Mix Plant, as a leading asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer in India, encompasses advanced features. It includes precise weighing systems, efficient drying and mixing technology, user-friendly controls, and versatile fuel options. Our plant ensures consistent quality asphalt production, adhering to strict environmental standards, making it a preferred choice in the industry.

How is Coninfra's Asphalt Batch Mix Plant different from other's asphalt plants?

Coninfra’s Asphalt Batch Mix Plant stands out due to its advanced technology, including precise weighing systems, efficient drying and mixing processes, and user-friendly controls. Our plant ensures consistent quality and reduced emissions, adhering to environmental standards. As a leading asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer, we prioritize innovation, performance, and sustainability, setting us apart from others in the industry.

How does Coninfra Machinery’s Asphalt Batch Mix Plant ensure environmental sustainability?

Coninfra Machinery’s Asphalt Batch Mix Plant prioritizes environmental sustainability through innovative measures. Our plant incorporates efficient combustion systems that reduce emissions and energy consumption. Precise weighing systems minimize material wastage. Automated controls optimize operations, further conserving resources. As an eco-conscious asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer, we contribute to a greener and more sustainable construction industry.

What are the advantages of using an Asphalt Batch Mix Plant?

Utilizing Coninfra’s Asphalt Batch Mix Plant offers numerous advantages. These include high-quality asphalt production meeting international standards, precise batching for accurate mixes, reduced emissions due to efficient combustion systems, and ease of operation through advanced control panels. As a reputable asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer, we prioritize durability, efficiency, and environmental compliance.

How does Coninfra Machinery’s Asphalt Batch Mix Plant ensure efficient production?

Coninfra Machinery’s Asphalt Batch Mix Plant ensures efficient production through advanced features. These include accurate weighing systems for precise material proportions, optimal drying and mixing technology, and automated controls for streamlined operations. As an established asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer, we emphasize process optimization, resulting in consistent and high-quality asphalt output efficiently.

Is Coninfra Machinery's Asphalt Batch Mix Plant comes with a Control Panel?

Yes, Coninfra Machinery’s Asphalt Batch Mix Plant is equipped with an advanced control panel. This panel enables precise monitoring and control of various plant functions, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring accurate batching and mixing processes. The user-friendly control panel empowers operators to manage the plant effectively for optimal asphalt production.

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