Concrete Batching Plants

Coninfra Machinery Pvt. Ltd. is well-known for its concrete batching plant division for designing stationary and mobile concrete batching plants in Ahmedabad. We are devoted to offering the highest quality products at affordable prices while ensuring it meets our client demands and requirements. Delivering the best is the motto that drives us to constantly strive to provide tailored solutions in the form of our world-class equipment including concrete mixer, canal paver finisher, and machines for cement silo.


Standard Configuration

Three / Four Bin System

Load out Conveyors

Discharge Conveyor

Cement Hopper with Screw Conveyor

Cement Hopper with Screw Conveyor

High Pressure Jet Cleaner system for Mixer

PLC + PC based Electrical Control Panel

Pan type Planetary Single Shaft Twin Shaft Mixer Type Mixing Unit

Aggregate Feeder

Four bin aggregate feeder comes built on a rugged structure. The open close mechanism of all the bin gates is by pneumatic cylinders. Each bin is provided with one/two open-close gates and vibratory motor(s) for quick and efficient materials discharge. Air compressor is provided with the feeder to power the pneumatics. Junction box holds all the controls of the feeder.

Weighing System

Cement weighing hopper is mounted on 3 load cells. A pneumatic operated butterfly valve is fitted for discharge. The cement weighing hopper is provided with pneumatic vibrator and two inlets for two screw conveyors. Water tank is supported on single load cell with pneumatic operated butterfly valve and its gate is with rubber gasket at the bottom. Admixture flask of standard capacity is fitted with feeding pump. Cement is fed from SILO to the cement weighing hopper.

Optional Accessories

  • Moisture Probe System (In Sand bin & Mixer).
  • Silo Accessories like; Dust collector, level indicator, fluidization pad, pressure relief valve etc.
  • Blower system for cement / fly ash loading in silo.

Advance Control System

  • Fully automatic PLC control system with SCADA for inventory management and different report generation. Any types of faults and errors will be diagnosed by the control system.
  • Emergency manual discharge facility

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Our concrete paver finisher provides the capacity to produce high volumes of concrete. So, if you are looking for a product that can deliver without changing sites frequently, look no further. Our concrete batch mix plant is equipped with large storage bins and conveyors for weighing. Its design is robustly resistant to harsh conditions. It is a great choice if you are seeking different concrete mix recipes that cater to your needs.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

We provide two different versions of mobile concrete mixing plants including a standard size and a mini machine that meets the varying needs of our clients. It transfers and weighs aggregates using compact aggregate feeders and single conveyors. The compact design makes it easy to install with user-friendly software.

Advantages of Our Concrete Batch Mix Plant

Our product offers the following benefits:

Designed using innovative technology

Offers service with no room for error

Guarantees high performance

Extremely reliable


High quality

Advantages of Our Concrete Batch Mix Plant

Our product offers the following benefits:

Designed using innovative technology

Offers service with no room for error

Guarantees high performance

High quality

Extremely reliable


Installations Around the World


Technical Information

Plan Type CMPL 80 CMPL 120 CMPL 160 CMPL 200 CMPL 250 CMPL 300 CMPL 400
Four Bin Feeder capacity (m3) 8,10,12,15,20,m3 feeding width is up to 650 mm, dosing with frequency contrlling
Collecting Belt Width (mm) Length (mm) 500 600 600 650 850 850 850
Varies according to the number of silos
Inclined Belt Width (mm)01 500 600 600 650 850 850 850
Dryer Diameter (m) Length (m) 1.60 1.80 2.00 2.20 2.40 2.40 2.70
7.00 8.00 8.60 9.00 9.00 10.00 12.00
Sieving MAchine
4,5,6 Decks
Hot Aggregate Silos Capacities (tons)
4,5,6 Divisions
9 20 20 25 25 30 30
Aggregate Weighing Capacities (kg) 1250 1500 2000 2500 3000 4000 5000
Filler Weighing Capacities (kg) 150 200 200 250 300 400 500
Bitumen Feeding Capacities (kg) 6 6 10 10 15 15 20
Mixer Capacities (kg) 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 4000 5000
Coninfra Automation System
Bitumen – Fuel Tank Capacities (m3)
20, 25, 30, 50, 60
Thermal Oil System *1000 (Kcal/h) 300 500 600 750 1000 1000 1000
Electrical Heating
For all capacities, can be produced in variable capacities regarding to your requests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Concrete Batching Plants

What types of concrete batching plants does Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd offer?

Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd offers a range of Concrete Batching Plants, including stationary and mobile variants. Our diverse lineup caters to various project scales and requirements. As a trusted provider of Concrete Batching Plants, we ensure high-quality construction equipment for efficient and precise concrete mixing and production.

What services do Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd provide for their concrete batching plants?

Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd provides comprehensive services for their concrete batching plants. This includes installation, commissioning, operator training, and ongoing technical support. We prioritize customer satisfaction by ensuring smooth plant operation and efficient maintenance.

What are the unique features of Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd's concrete batching plants?

Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd’s concrete batching plants are known for their advanced technology and user-friendly features. These include precise weighing systems, efficient mixing, intuitive control panels, and robust construction. Our plants excel in performance, accuracy, and reliability, making them a preferred choice for various construction projects.

What are the advantages of using concrete batching plants from Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd?

Utilizing Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd’s concrete batching plants offers multiple benefits. Expect enhanced productivity, consistent concrete quality, reduced wastage, and precise batching. Our plants are engineered for durability, adhering to international standards and environmental norms.

How does Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd ensure the quality of their concrete batching plants?

Quality is a priority at Coninfra Machinery Pvt Ltd. We ensure the quality of our concrete batching plants through rigorous testing of components, adherence to industry standards, and continuous improvement based on feedback and technological advancements.

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