Everything You Must Learn About a Bitumen Sprayer

October 21, 2022

About the Bitumen Sprayer

Before we proceed to talk about a bitumen sprayer, let us discuss what a bitumen sprayer is. A bitumen sprayer is sometimes also referred to as an Asphalt Distributor. A Bitumen Sprayer is responsible for the regulated and unified spraying of bitumen on any surface of the project site before hot mix asphalt is laid on top. A bitumen sprayer is an indispensable machine for any efficient constructor since it is used for repairing or new construction. Since the role of the equipment is crucial for all construction process, it becomes necessary to select only a premium-quality Bitumen Sprayer. A high-quality bitumen sprayer will ensure your project work goes smoothly.There are several companies that offer bitumen sprayer machines in India. However, it is best to do your research and contact only trusted distributors in town. To ensure you are buying only high-quality bitumen sprayers, you must read and understand the features of a quality bitumen sprayer.

5 Qualities You Must look for in a Bitumen Sprayer

1. The Burner Unit of Your Bitumen Sprayer Machine

You will find several Bitumen Sprayer manufacturers in India who completely ignore the vitality of a Burner Unit. A burner unit’s job is to heat the components in the tank as quickly as possible. This method is prevalent in regions that experience cold climates, and there might be a high chance of the bitumen freezing or getting clogged. This is common when the spraying lines are not very clean.

2. The Sprayer Chassis of Bitumen Sprayer

You must be mindful of the size of the sprayer chassis you are buying, depending on the width of the truck chassis on which the bitumen sprayers will be placed. The sprayer is then installed on your vehicle in the construction area.

3. Check the Air Compressor and Bitumen Pump

The engine of the bitumen sprayer is responsible for powering the air compressor and the pump. It is incredibly useful as it helps to fast-fill the tank.

4. Check the Efficiency of the Spraying System

Since the engine is responsible for driving the bitumen air compressor and pump, you must choose high-functioning machines only. We advise all buyers to purchase a comparatively low fuel consumption sprayer that provides performance that meets our expectations.

Ideal Spraying Systems has the following features:

  • A primary width of 2.4 meters
  • An adjustable extension bar to spray with a width of about 4.2 meters
  • A nozzle gap of 225mm
  • Spray Bar-control via pneumatically operated nozzles
  • A separate and well-defined pressure-cleaning system

5. Test your Engine Before Dispatch

It is extremely important to test the Bitumen Sprayers before packing them. This gives assurance to our clients for a complete quality check on their purchase. For testing the bitumen sprayer, we filled the bitumen tank with water (to inspect any leakages) and sprayed it on a chosen surface (to check the coverage of the bitumen sprayer machine).

Where to Find a High-Quality Bitumen Sprayer Machine?

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