Asphalt Batch Mix Plants: Components and Their Functions

August 29, 2022

As the name suggests, Asphalt batch mix plants are known for their ability to create hot mix asphalt in consequent batches. The asphalt batching plant comes in various shapes and sizes, and the size of each plant depends on its capacity to produce the mix. Asphalt batching plants are currently in high demand because they switch between different mixtures.

For customers who need proper equipment (which can function endlessly and swap between different recipes), asphalt batch mix plants are a perfect choice for them. The option of switching between mixtures enhances the function of the asphalt batching plant, setting it apart from regular drum mixers that are available for sale in the market.

Let us learn about the various parts and functions of asphalt batch mix plants in the industry.

All Components of Asphalt Batch Mix Plants:

Mixing plants can be categorised as batch mix plants or drum mix plants. We can define asphalt batch plants as plants that create hot mix asphalt in sets of batches. At the same time, drum mix plants produce hot mix asphalt continually, without stopping. They are ideally known as counterflow plants and drum mix plants.

The difference here does not merely lie in the method of production; but also depends on the ranging amounts of hot mix asphalt each plant produces. The design of the batching plant also allows the user to alter and use the plant using only recycled material. Both drum and batch type plants offer a variation that makes way for RAP (Reclaimed asphalt pavement).

The various components of a regular asphalt batch mix plant are:

  • Cold feeder bins are attached to the plant to measure and transfer the aggregate to the dryer drum of the plant
  • A conveyor is responsible for taking the cold aggregates from the plant feeder and supplying the aggregates to the dryer drum.
  • A drying drum is responsible for heating the aggregates with a strong burner.
  • An elevator is available for feeding the hot mix aggregates on the vibrating screen after the drying process is complete.
  • Vibrating screens are designed to separate the hot mix into various compartments as per the capacity
  • After the segregation of aggregates is complete, the hot bins hold the hot aggregates before they are ready to weigh
  • There are three types of storage and weighing systems: Filler storage and weighing system, Aggregate storage and weighing system and Bitumen storage and weighing system
  • A pugmill mixing unit further mixes the asphalt ingredients
  • A dry dust collector is responsible for picking leftover dust from the mix
  • A high-functioning control system is available for manual control over the various parts of the machine

Working of an Asphalt Batch Mix Plant:

An asphalt batch mix plant starts its work by heating and weighing aggregates, followed by heating and weighing bitumen. The batch mix is then considered with filler material, and towards the end, aggregates, filler material and bitumen are mixed to create a hot mix of asphalt. The number of filler items added can vary from mixture to mixture, depending on the mix recipe directing the control panel. The aggregate’s size and percentage will also vary as per the recipe selected on the control panel.

In a scenario where you need to add reclaimed asphalt, there is a facility to add the asphalt in the mixing chamber of the batch mix plant. Before the asphalt is added to the mixing chamber, the RAP material has to be proportioned. As per the requirement of your project, you can choose to purchase either a mobile asphalt plant or a stationary asphalt plant.

Here are a few common procedures followed in almost all standard asphalt batch mix plants:

  • Cold aggregate storage chamber and feeding bin
  • Drying the aggregates and heating it
  • Screening and cooling of hot batch mix
  • Storage and burning of bitumen and other filler aggregates
  • Measuring and blending bitumen, filler ingredients and aggregates
  • Loading of asphalt mix aggregates
  • Complete control of all the proceedings of the plant via a control panel.

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