Mobile Concrete Batching Plants: Uses & Features!

February 22, 2021

Every year the construction process keeps on evolving. The introduction of advanced technology and innovative solutions in road construction tools and equipment has reduced project downtime to ensure on-time delivery. With mobile concrete batching plant, you can eliminate the construction cost and prepare high-grade concrete even on remote job sites. If you are curious about the mobile concrete batching plant, here’s a quick rundown of pointers to look out for.

What is the Application of the Mobile Concrete Batching Plant?

Providing structural stability to your construction project requires you to produce quality concrete. Using disproportional concrete causes cracks and higher maintenance costs. With this equipment, you can produce uniform concrete consistently in batches with the desired proportion. The mobile concrete batching plant is engineered to produce high-grade concrete in bulk quantities with the added advantage of portability. It can be used for various projects such as building roads, tunnels, bridges, dams, and many more.

Top 5 Features of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Compact & Sturdy Structure with Easy Maneuverability

The compact aggregate feeders and improved mobility enable you to produce bespoke concrete even at remote locations. Many construction projects happen at remote locations where installing stationary concrete batching plants can prove costly and cumbersome. The layout of the mobile batching plant is compact and reasonable, which allows flexibility and convenient transfer movement.

Automated Computer Framework Allows Easy Operation

An automated computer framework in a mobile concrete batching plant helps in the overall efficiency of the process. Automation control systems help in the control of the gear, ongoing monitoring of hardware operation, data management, production administration, and many more. Here’s how a computer framework can help you:

  1. Better accuracy and output: You will have data on how much material is used during the production process. It will help you carry precise operations and eliminate wastage.
  2. Flexibility: Since the equipment allows manual as well as automated handling, you can flexibly control the mechanisms for a straightforward operation.
  3. Data Analysis: The equipment stores critical information for further analysis. This helps you in the complete traceability of the process. It is also a SCADA system for inventory management.

Customization for Error Elimination

Besides a Programmable logic controller (PLC) system, the mobile concrete batching plant also has a high-pressure jet cleaner system to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance of the machine. Reputed road construction tools and equipment manufacturers offer several accessories for better control. You can equip the plant with a moisture probe system, silo accessories such as dust collector, level indicator, and many more to protect and store the material.

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