A Complete Guide to High Pressure Jet Cleaners

March 8, 2021

Guide to High-Pressure Jet Cleaners

High-pressure jet cleaners are becoming increasingly popular in the professional cleaning industry. You can find both hot and cold water jet cleaners but picking out the one that works best for you depends on its utility. So if you are looking for information that helps you pick out the right jet cleaner, read on!

What Do You Want to Use it For?

High-Pressure Jet Sprayers are used across sectors such as aviation, marine, construction, the food industry and agriculture. The reason for the popularity of high-pressure jet sprays is that they are highly effective in removing non-soluble dirt that is tough from construction equipment such as cranes, earth moving equipment, cranes etc.

Hot jet water sprays are used for cleaning heavy-duty equipment because hot water at such high pressures jet cleaners has a deep cleaning impact that penetrates dirt and grime at a molecular level.

Deciding the Pressure and Flow Rate

Once you have decided on the hot or cold high-pressure jet sprays, you need to decide on the water pressure. To understand the required pressure levels for the jet spray, you need to evaluate the toughness of the dirt and the pressure that you need to blast off the chemical bond between the dirt and the surface that needs to be cleaned.

Size of the Job

Another aspect that decides the pressure required for cleaning using these high-power jet sprays is the magnitude of the task. If you are undertaking light-duty cleanings such as cleaning of vehicles, floors, driveways and garages, a jet cleaner with low pressure and low flow rate can be used.

But for heavier jobs such as removing stains, prepping surfaces for painting by removing abrasives, a high-pressure jet cleaner is what you need.

Use of Chemicals

Several cleaning jobs include the removal of tough stains such as oil and grease that cannot be cleaning with just water. You might need to use chemicals along with the high-pressure jet cleaners to achieve complete cleaning.


Accessories are designed to add more value to the efficiency of the product. While buying a jet spray, check out the accessories that come with the product. If your budget permits, investing in accessories would be a good idea.

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