What Are The Different Kinds of Concrete Batching Plants?

July 1, 2022

Any leading construction company relies on high-functioning hot mix plants to create a mixture of asphalt. There is a range of construction equipment that are used in the construction of a road, building, highway etc. As a builder, you are responsible for learning about the latest hot mix plants in the industries to enhance on-site work. A hot mix plant primarily uses a cold aggregate supply system, coal burner, feeder, drum dryer, dust accumulator, filler supply system, hot aggregate elevator, etc. Some concrete batching plants also use a weighing and mixing system, asphalt storage, and a bitumen supply system.

Hot mix plants are usually categorized into batch and constant mixing plants. While batch mixing plants combine the constituents in batches, the continuous hot mix plants ideally produce a continual flow of asphalt and work until the machine is stopped. The categorization not only shows the working of the plants but also highlights the quality control requirements. Several varieties of concrete batching plants and continuous drum mix plants are manufactured as per demand. If you are planning to purchase a mixing plant, here are a few examples of hot mix plants. You can read the article to make an informed purchase.

A Mobile Asphalt Concrete Batching Plant for Feasibility

Mobile asphalt concrete batching plant system is created and manufactured for quickly assembling and disassembling asphalt. It is incredibly convenient to move the constituents from one place to another. The asphalt batching plant contains a dryer that evenly fabricates the surface to ensure good heating of the mixture with minimal heat loss. The hot mix plant is supported by steel rollers and comes with a segmented driving sprocket.

The control panel is fully automatic with smooth touch controls to manage the quantity and quality of asphalt production. The system is highly synchronized, offering both automatic and manual control. You can also control the machine manually through an override system.

A Portable Concrete Batching Plant for Easy Use

The latest hot mix plants are manufactured to meet all the needs of the various construction companies. Not only is a portable concrete batching plant a vital road construction equipment, but it is in high demand in the construction unit. The hot mix plants manufactured for the export market and specific domestic use are engineered to meet various needs. These plants are ideally available in three sizes to suit small and big-scale projects. Depending on the hot mix plant’s productivity, you can choose the perfect fit for your purpose.

These hot mix plants have a very compact and easily portable framework. This feasibility is more noticeable in the newer models that set the bar for portability, sustainability, and production. Every section of a mobile continuous concrete batching plant is etched to enhance the mix quality while maintaining set-up ease.

A Fixed Mobile Drum Mix Plant for On-site Construction

A fixed-mobile drum mix plant is a set of road construction equipment designed to produce asphalt mixture in a considerable amount. The equipment is designed to mix various asphalt mixtures. Therefore, the equipment is mandatory for highway construction projects. The equipment is highly useful in classified highway, runway, road, and port construction. Today, a range of stationary asphalt mixing plants is available in the market.

Since these batch plants are used for big projects where frequent movement is unnecessary, they are immobile. The plant’s framework is carefully crafted to ensure processes like heating, feeding, screening, drying, and mixing of asphalt are done seamlessly.

A Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant for On-Site Mobility

A mobile asphalt drum mix plant starts work by feeding cold asphalt aggregates into feed bins. The machine usually has three or four bin feeders attached to it. The asphalt aggregates are filled into the various containers as per their capacity. Each bin in the system is provided with adjustable gates to manage the material flow. Below the bins, there is a long conveyor belt that helps to shift the mixture to the scalping screen. Modern models are usually equipped with a triple heat transfer system that is responsible for the complete transfer of heat to the mixture.

Where to Find A Reliable Construction Equipment Manufacturer?

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