The Vital Role Of Construction Equipment In Developing Roads

June 13, 2022

Construction Equipment In Developing Roads

Roads play a prominent role in any developing country. They are a necessity everywhere. Over the years, roads have contributed significantly to the economic development of nations, making way for easy export and import. With the rise in demands, the requirement for more robust and durable roads has increased and is seen as a crucial contribution to economic growth. The Indian government aims to upgrade the country’s infrastructure primarily for road construction projects nationwide.

Several old projects have been reinforced to set the country’s path to developing top-class infrastructure. Solid and reliable roads facilitate the easy transaction of heavy goods and allow people to travel to far off places for better life opportunities. Roads are even more vital in villages and small towns where large factories are installed. Heavy lorries and trucks commute every day from such locations, carrying a considerable amount of goods to cities.

To execute such plans correctly, you need reliable construction machines. Only with proper construction equipment and tools can you truly build high-quality roads. Given below are a few of the most used road construction equipment. To begin with your road construction process, here are the benefits of a few vital pieces of equipment you must get hold of to ensure a smooth and durable building.

Benefits of Using a Road Roller

A road roller is one of the most significant pieces of equipment used in the construction process of a road. It is a leveller-type heavy vehicle used to assemble and make soil compactors. The roller helps soil and gravel the concrete laid on the road and various foundations.

The rollers use their weight to pressure the building material to settle well and not give rise to bumpy patches. After the mixture has been evenly distributed on the intended surface, rollers smoothen and even the surface to prepare it for use. Similar rollers are also utilised for landfills or sometimes in agricultural projects.

Road rollers are often referred to as ‘steamrollers’. However, this has no correspondence with their method of propulsion. On highways or extensive freeways, a four-wheeler roller is used with a Padfoot drum and a blade. It is used for its higher weight and incredible speed. The greater the weight of the roller, the better will be the pushing force to distribute bulk material. For regional or city roads, you are good to go with smaller single Padfoot drum machines.

Benefits of a Motor Grader

A motor grader is construction equipment used on construction sites to create a flat and smooth surface. A grader model comes with a long blade and ideally has three axles attached to an engine. It also has a cab located above the rear axles towards one end of the machine, and the third axle is attached to the front end. In between the axle placement, we have the long blade.

Most motor graders prefer driving the rear axles in tandem. However, some graders also use the front-wheel drive to enhance the grader’s capability. Most graders come with optional attachments for the back end of the vehicle. It is either used as a ripper, another blade, scarifier, or compactor.

Benefits of Using an Asphalt Mixing Plant in a Construction Project

The Asphalt Mixing Plant is another crucial component of the road construction process. An Asphalt mixing plant, as the name suggests, is used to heat and mix different sizes of aggregates with liquid bitumen. The bitumen is added to the mixture in measured quantities. Asphalt is used as a paving material in the road construction process.

It is made out of tiny pieces of crushed rocks and bitumen. After the hot mix of asphalt is carefully laid on track, it requires drying so that the liquid bitumen can be coated effortlessly. The drying process of asphalt involves drying the mixture aggregates in a concrete batching plant or a rotating inclined dryer drum placed above a burner.

Benefits of Using a Forklift on a Construction Site

A forklift (sometimes also referred to as a lift truck), is a powered truck used to lift and move heavy materials on a construction site. Forklifts are very useful when working on big projects. They are designed to bear loads beyond human capacity to lift easily. A crucial aspect of a forklift machine is that it ought to have rear-wheel steering. While this may increase manoeuvrability in tight spaces, it is very different from any driver’s experience with standard wheeled vehicles. The driver must be highly trained to know the art of balancing different weights and shapes of the material.

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