Everything to Know About An Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

September 16, 2022

Know About An Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

A well-organised design and increased feasibility are the two core benefits an asphalt drum mix plant offers. An asphalt drum mix plant is a non-stop mix plant where its continuously rotating drum is the primary component. The heating and mixing processes are executed inside a single drum, therefore the name drum mix plant. This process is carried on non-stop for increased efficiency. It is also the reason why the plant is sometimes referred to as a ‘continuous plant’. Before we discuss the whereabouts of a batch mix plant, let us learn how this equipment became a huge hit.

Why are Batch Mix Plants a Huge Success?

The minimalistic design and the sheer profitability that this equipment offers are unparalleled. Companies are focusing on making considerable improvements to enhance the abilities of an asphalt mixing plant. Since the plant is a massive hit in the construction industry, we attempt to make the asphalt batch mix plant a better fit.

The plan is to develop sturdier and more durable equipment that can perform better and deliver desirable results. The batch mix plant comes in an array of design options, such as a fully mobile batch mix plant with all the plant chassis being portable and attached with axles. Some batch mix plants have pneumatic braking, pre-wired components and king pin attachment. With such an improved layout, the batch mix plants are much easier to move around. It is a perfect choice for customers who have to shift construction sites often.

Prominent Features and Advantages of Asphalt Batch Mix Plants:

Listed below are the various characteristics and benefits of asphalt batch mix plants. To understand the core functions of the plant better, you must read and understand what the equipment offers. It will help you decide on the most suitable batch mix plant for your purpose.

  • Most plants have a 1260-degree Celsius resistant fabricated cerawool blanketed by an SS sheet drying mix drum. Although the coating is optional, it helps to retain heat as much as possible.
  • The plants have a half-chain drive in the mixing drum to avoid vibration and make way for error-free operation.
  • Burners are available with all batching plants with various fuel options.
  • All equipment has a sturdier and tested design for optimum performance.
  • Dry and wet dustbins are attached to all plants for pollution control.
  • All tanks in the mix plants are bitumen-covered for maximum heat absorption.
  • Constant upgradation in the models to make them simpler and easier to maintain.
  • All batch mix plants are factory-tested prior to dispatch.
What are the Vital Parts of an Asphalt Drum Mix Plant?

Asphalt drum mix plants have parts like cold feeder bins, bitumen tanks, weighing conveyors, drying trays, and drying and mixing drums with a burner. The plants also include features like a filler hopper, charging conveyor, wet dust scrubber, a semi-manual control panel and silos for hot storage.

What are the Common Operations of An Asphalt Mixing Plant?

Standard functions of an asphalt drum mix plant include combined weighing and measuring aggregates before pouring them into the mixing drum. The next step is to heat the mixture and add bitumen and other filler material to the same rotating drum.

What is Asphalt Cement Used For?

Asphalt cement or hot mix asphalt is used for laying on roads, airports, parking lots, runways, and streets. It is a very versatile and strong material with properties that make it last longer.

Where to Find the Best Construction Equipment Manufacturer?

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