Everything You Need To Know About Wet Mix Macadam Plant

September 29, 2022

What is Wet Mix Macadam?

When building roads before the asphalt is placed, the road construction crew must spread down a base course layer. That procedure is accomplished through a wet mix of macadam plant.

Wet Mix Macadam is a process that involves

  • Laying,
  • Spreading,
  • Compacting,

clean and crushed well-graded aggregate and granular material on a prepped and authorized granular sub-base. Materials needed for Wet Mix Macadam must be mixed and well-prepared with water. The Wet Mix Macadam must then be rolled to a dense and thick mass. This mix is often referred to as “John Macadam.”

Equipment Needed For Wet Mix Macadam

There are several types of equipment that are required to carry out the Wet Mix Macadam process.

  • A Wet Mix Macadam Plant
  • Water Tanker
  • Tippers or Dumper
  • Smooth wheeled vibro roller of 80 to 100 KN
  • Motor grader or paver finisher that can pave width of 9 metre
  • Survey instrument

What Are The Benefits Of Using Wet Mix Macadam

  • The Wet Mix Macadam roads are known to be much more durable.
  • The Wet Mix Macadam roads tend to dry faster than usual. These roads can also take on traffic quicker, especially in comparison to Water Bound Macadam roads. (Other types of roads like WBM road can take approximately a month to dry completely.
  • Wet Mix Macadam roads can be blacktopped quite quickly with Bituminous layers.
  • These roads are usually constructed at a fast rate, making them more convenient.
  • They consume significantly less water than other road construction methods.
  • The stone aggregates in Wet Mix Macadam roads range somewhere between 4.75 mm to 20 mm.
  • In Wet Mix Macadam roads, binders and stone aggregates are already mixed in the batching plant. The mix is brought onto the site only for compacting and overlaying, saving valuable time.
What Are The Elements Of A Wet Mix Macadam Plant That Sets It Apart From The Rest

Aggregate Feeders

They are a four-bin aggregate that contains a physically adjustable gate in all four bins. This gate allows the four bins to store and stock the four different kinds of aggregates. These feeds also assist in discharging the materials from the bins and creating a smoother wet mix process.

Vibrating Screen

The vibrating screen in a wet mix macadam plants plays a crucial role. It functions as a filter that separates the oversized aggregates. It is then delivered onto a charging conveyor belt.


A charging conveyor, or put a conveyor, provides the material that has gone through the filtration process via a vibrating screen to the pugmill mixer. When the panel receives the materials, there is a synchronized water and cement flow, making the entire mixing process much more manageable.

Pug Mill Mixer

A Pug Mill Mixer comprises several components such as liner plates, tips, and arms that thoroughly disperse the materials when it reach the water.

Loadout Conveyor

The wet Mix Macadam Plant has a loadout conveyor that moves the mixer into the storage location. The mixer is then transferred to a different truck for further processing.

  • Silo or Hopper
  • Water tank
  • Control Panel

All the components of a Wet Mix Macadam Plant are used in the process to serve the goal of simplifying the entire mixing process. This simplification also ensures that wet mix macadam plants can reach their highest production level.

The wet mix macadam plant is growing in popularity because of its convenient features. This includes user-friendly operation, high-grade service, and optimal results for the builder.

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