All That You Need to Know Regarding Hot Mix Plants

August 3, 2022

There is a separate bliss of driving on a smooth road, a pothole-free road, and that is all thanks to asphalt roads. But to get to that position, we need to discuss hot mix plants and road construction equipment. With the numerous hot mix plants and construction equipment in today’s market, it can be challenging to pick which products suit your needs the best. With our guide on hot mix plants, we can help you make an informed decision that will suit your construction needs.

What is a Hot Mix Plant?

Before we delve into the details regarding hot mix plants, let us find out what exactly hot mix plant is. Asphalt drum mix, commonly known as the hot mix plant, is the greatest mixer of concrete, asphalt, coarse and fine aggregate and filler material to create a homogeneous mix at the necessary temperature.

Hot mix plants are used mostly for road construction. The cold aggregate mixer is used to spread and create the base and minimum level of a road; meanwhile, the hot aggregate is used to create the final layer of the road.

Construction equipment manufacturers create two types of mobile asphalt hot mix plants.

  • Batch Type
  • Drum Type

Most prevalent hot mix plants have capacities of somewhere between 40-160tph overall. The capacity depends on the size of the project and the batches that are required.

What Are The Different Types of Hot Mix Plants

Continuous Drum Mix Plants

Continuous drum mix plants are popular because amongst other hot mix plants due to their portability. This compact road construction equipment, known as the continuous drum plant produced by Coninfra Machinery Private Ltd., is compliant with all the regulations. It is designed to give you exquisite performance and outstanding fuel efficiency. The design of drum mix plants is done to accommodate containerisation, which makes transportation efficient.

The reason continuous drum mix plants are popular is due to their ability to be fixed with any mover.

Portable Batch Mix Plants

Well, to put it simply, a portable batch hot mix plant delivers hot mix in batches. This batch hot mix plant is designed to be containerised and is the road construction equipment of choice amongst road constructors. The portable batch mix plant provides road constructors freedom of mobility when used. These kinds of plants can be easily installed anywhere in a couple of days and be used wherever required. Mostly, the convenience of this plant is the lack of civil foundation requirements and even then can produce a high-quality hot mix for all your road construction needs.

Benefits of Purchasing Mobile Hot Asphalt Mixing Plants

Now that we know about the types of hot mix plants, let us understand why mobile hot mix plants are widespread and are rising in popularity in the road construction industry.

Mobile hot asphalt mixing plants are prevalent simply because they produce high-quality mixes. Another factor which improves their popularity is their mobility.

No matter the size of the project, a mobile hot mixing plant works well with all projects, be it small, medium or large-scale construction projects. These mobile hot mix plants come in a broad range of sizes and configurations. This allows construction companies to pick products specific to their requirements. Due to their portability, they are easy to install and dismantle.

Find the Best Construction Equipment Manufacturer

Finding the perfect hot mix plant can be difficult and can even require a lot of consultation and research to know you are making the right choice. You need to research several road construction equipment manufacturers before you make your decision so that it fits your requirements. Wouldn’t it be better and much more time-saving if we knew the best construction equipment manufacturer in the country?

Luckily we do; let us introduce Conifra Machinery Private Ltd. Coninfra Machinery is the best construction equipment manufacturer in India. Why? Because our company specialises in shipping superior-quality road construction equipment and services. Our professionals believe in customising the models of the equipment to suit the client’s needs.

Our engineers strive hard to ensure the plants give their utmost best performance for an extended period. To purchase reliable and resilient equipment, mail us today at or call us at +91 90999 41311. We will be happy to help you!