Safety Tips For Handling Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

August 9, 2022

A construction site is a highly unsafe place with asphalt mixing plants, road rollers, and other heavy construction equipment lying around. If the site workers are not careful with the equipment, especially a drum mix plant, they can face serious injury while operating them. One must be aware of the functioning of asphalt mixing plants and also learn everything about the safety measures of an asphalt drum mix plant. Knowing and understanding the safety precautions of equipment helps to dodge a mishap as everyone is susceptible to the risks involved in using an asphalt mix plant.

To ensure safety, we have listed down a few suggestive safety measures for you to follow and stay safe on a construction site. Also, it will be best if you teach these safety rules to your fellow workers.

Follow the Dress Code meant for An Asphalt Mix Plant

The first step towards responsible handling of an asphalt mix plant is to wear appropriate clothing while operating the equipment. It must be mandatory for all site workers to deck themselves with the appropriate helmet, suit, boots and gloves while stepping on-site. Your dress protects against any harm that comes your way on a construction site. The suit minimises the damage that you face. If you do not wear your construction dress, you are vulnerable to the risks involved in handling the mix plants and other construction equipment.

Rules to Follow While Operating An Asphalt Mixing Plant

There are rules meant to follow while operating a drum mix plant. They are as follows:

  • The control room operator is bound to press the horn alarm before starting the machine. The blaring sound of the alarm informs all workers on-site that the drum mix plant is in operation. Those standing close to the appliance must empty the area to avoid any accident on-site.
  • All workers (even the non-operators of the mix plants) must be well-informed about the location of the asphalt mixing plant. It is best to barricade or mark the area where the equipment is placed to ensure no one crosses the mark.
  • The maintenance of any drum mix plant must occur only after informing the control room operators. The control room operator will know when to start and stop the machine when the maintenance is underway. Any miscommunication with the controller may lead to a severe injury.

There Must not be any Communication Gap On-site

Miscommunication or communication gap is another primary reason for frequent accidents on a construction site. You must establish the easy use of sign language to converse with workers working far from each other. This way, everyone will know what is happening in each part of the construction site and function accordingly. For enhanced safety, you can also use radium stickers to guide the path during a night operation, in addition to using high-power light.

Pay Close Attention when the Forklift is in Operation

Every piece of construction equipment functions with the help of teamwork. Whether you operate an asphalt mix plant or a forklift, you must work as a team to ensure the smooth functioning of the machine. During the loading process of the forklift machine, ensure no staff is standing very close to the equipment. Also, be extra mindful of the speed and location of the forklift to avoid colliding with the machinery. Follow the guidelines mentioned in the manual with the forklift and do not overload the equipment to cause machine failure. Make sure the driver is well-equipped to handle an emergency.

Keep Oil Tanks Away from An Asphalt Mix Plant

Lastly, keep the diesel tanks far away from the equipment and the control room. An overlooked oil leak can disastrously affect the construction site and cause irreparable harm to lives and property. Whoever is in charge of filling the drum mix plants, ensure they are highly experienced at their job and perform their duties sincerely. Please note that the spread of fire on a construction site is rapid and hard to put out. Be extra careful when loading or unloading diesel in asphalt mix plants and other equipment.

Where to Find Sturdy Asphalt Drum Mix Plants in Town?

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