5 Factors that Influence the Price of a Concrete Batching Plant

May 30, 2022

The cost of concrete batching plants varies depending on several factors. It depends on the specifications of the plant you choose and the production capacity. Apart from these two core criteria, there are a few other added prices including setup cost, plant maintenance cost, material cost, insurance, personnel wages, etc.

These additional costs matter significantly to an extent where they decide your final profit from the batching plant. A concrete batching plant cannot single-handedly bring any profit to you. You must prepare your batching plant so that it gives its best. Ensure you invest adequately in its several needs for optimum performance.

Today, we have a variety of concrete batching plants readily available in the market. Different plants offer different craftsmanship and performances to the user. Depending upon their framework and implementation, their prices vary too. Before investing in a concrete batching plant, it is wise to determine your expected production scale per project. Select the plant’s capacity, the model, and the critical configuration of the concrete batching plant accordingly. Assess and purchase the equipment by carefully considering your collected data.

Due to the increasing demand for high-quality concrete mixers, high-tech batching will soon take over the batching plant manufacturing industry. Vibration mixing plants are deemed slightly costlier but save labor charges and time for the builders.

Factors that Affect Concrete Batching Plants Cost

1. The Type and Model You Want to Purchase

To purchase a high-functioning batching plant, you must first decide what kind of concrete mixer you need. Then as per your requirements, determine the model of equipment. The prices of batching plants vary depending on the model and size of equipment you choose. The price gap is usually huge. Buyers are advised to purchase the batching plant as per their situation demands. It is also advisable to keep your budget in mind while making the purchase.

2. Total Cost of Site Construction Expense

Before you purchase concrete manufacturing equipment, you must see that the site has enough space to accommodate your purchasing plant. Your first investment required to set up a concrete plant will include the site’s cost, the construction cost of commercial buildings and dormitories, and the cost of constructing a material yard to meet environmental safety standards.

3. Total Production Capacity of Installing a Batching Plant

The production capacity of different concrete batching plants is different. Therefore, the overall cost and productivity are also not the same. The initial cost is the cost of installing the batching plant. The greater the overall production capacity of the plant, the higher will be the procurement cost. By different production capacities, we mean that the requirement for raw materials such as gravel, cement, sand, and fly ash is unique. The difference in requirement leads to an increase/decrease in the capital investment of the concrete batching plant project.

The production volume of concrete batching plants varies from small to medium-sized projects. For smaller undertakings, 90m³/h production capacity is expected. For larger projects, 120m³/h-270m³/h does fine (note: the numbers are susceptible to change). You can decide your purchase considering this range.

4. Total Operation Cost of the Batching Plant

The operation cost of the mixing plant does not end at site preparation and equipment purchase. You must also include water and electricity costs, materials purchase costs, personnel wages, various loaders, and raw materials vehicles. A buyer must include these expenses in his concrete mixing plant budget.

5. Miscellaneous Handling Fees of the Batching Plant

When purchasing concrete mixing plants, be mindful of one more cost. The investment cost of a standard commercial batching plant is more than a regular engineering concrete mixing plant. An engineering concrete mixing station may meet your needs for your project. You can discard the unnecessary functions as long as the quality of the mixture produced meets the requirements of your project. If purchased from a prominent place, a standard commercial mixing plant must make a concrete mixture with an array of common labels. The control system is generally automatic, and it must also have a storage space to enhance work efficiency.

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