Importance of High Pressure Jet Cleaners in Construction Projects

February 5, 2021

High pressure jet cleaning is a process where water under high pressure is blasted on a surface to remove dirt, material, and contaminants. High pressure jet cleaners are preferred for dirt removal because they are environment friendly and lower carbon footprint.

High pressure jet cleaners have found takers in the construction industry. This is simply because high pressure jet sprays can remove stains as tough as rubber on airport runways, paints from walls, and even metal surfaces.

Why is High Pressure Jet Spraying Important for the Construction Industry?

The construction industry uses high pressure jet spraying for cleaning surfaces and structures. When a lot of abrasives are used and need removing, a high pressure jet spray can perform wonders. Studies have shown that high pressure jet sprays clean better as compared to the traditional, solid-abrasive methods.

These powerful high pressure jet cleaners are also extremely effective in removing old coatings and rust, deeply embedded crystallized salt. Furthermore, jet sprays lower chloride levels on the surface which causes an increase in adhesion of the coating and increased longevity.

Jet sprays are a convenient replacement for traditional methods in places such as terminals, refineries, and urban localities.
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Benefits of High Pressure Jet Sprays

Removal of Health Hazards

One of the biggest advantages of high pressure jet sprays is that they do not cause dust to fly off. As a result, the chances of dangerous contaminants being airborne are reduced.

This method is particularly useful where construction workers are using cleaning equipment. With these high pressure jet cleaners, the chances of overexposure to a high concentration of silica sand or crystalline silica are significantly reduced.

They Are Versatile

Another advantage of using high pressure jet cleaners is that they are extremely versatile. You can use them for cleaning a variety of surfaces and different kinds of dirt. You can clean your deck, pavers, driveway and garage floor, cladding, roof, and windows, etc. You can also use them to clean grout, bricks, and natural stone or removing flaking paint from cladding or trim.

However, setting the right pressure is extremely important. In the case of construction sites, the wrong pressure can have a damaging effect on the surface you are cleaning.

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