An Overview of Bitumen Distributor & Silo Cement

January 20, 2021

Introduction: Bitumen Distributor & Silo Cement

Bitumen Distributor & Silo Cement are two popular road construction equipment. They have found usage in both refining and providing strength to the road and the concrete pavement. While bitumen has excellent sealing properties, a cement silo acts as a secure source to store cement and ash silo. If you are curious about how these tools can help develop quality road structures, here’s a quick guide to help you make an informed decision.

What Does a Bitumen Distributor & Cement Silo Do?

When we talk about bitumen pressure distributors, it helps to spray the bitumen evenly at a consistent rate and with a convenient control system. On the other hand, a cement silo will help you store cement and ash silo to prevent wastage. They also come with several accessories for an accurate discharge.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Bitumen Pressure Distributor?

A bitumen pressure distributor comes with several components to give you the desired spraying result. Here are some of the benefits of using this road construction tool:

Desired Road Thickness: Bitumen roads have a smooth surface as it has high-quality materials. With this road construction equipment, you can provide adequate thickness by even spray of bitumen to the road without any irregularities.

Adequate Tack Coating: Tack coating functions as a seal coat that provides strength and integrity to road structure. Tack coating is a mix of hot asphalt and an even spray of bitumen for adequate protection of the road from wear and tear.

Energy-Efficient: A bitumen pressure distributor comes with a measurement system and sophisticated control technology to save precious materials for an efficient road construction process. That way, you can reduce wastage and deliver accurate results.

Flexible Spraying: With this reliable road construction equipment, you can spray asphalt at any temperature range. Furthermore, bitumen emulsion is adhesive to a variety of surfaces.

Compact Size & Ease of Operation: The precision and even distribution of the materials comes with cutting edge controlling systems.

Maintenance of Concrete Pavements: Bitumen pressure distributors and cement silos are vital for concrete pavement maintenance. It can develop skid resistance and minimize the need for costly road repairs.

How Can Cement Silos Help in Quality Road Construction?

This equipment offers potential savings for construction companies by eliminating the time-consuming and costly method of adding cement to the concrete mix. With a cement silo, you can store cement in bulk and dispense it when needed. Manually loading cement can contaminate it and leads to wastage of precious materials.

Advantages of Cement Silos:

Enhanced Process Efficiency: If you think that a silo cement machine is costly, it will pay for itself in the coming years. Instead of buying cement bags every time you need them for road construction, you can purchase and store them in bulk. This saved time can be used for other productive activities.

Improved Safety of Employees: When you put bagged cement close to employees, it can release airborne cement dust. These particles can harm you when inhaled. Silo cement can offer a cleaner and safer work environment. The cement can be directly moved for discharge with a transfer auger.

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