What are the Different Types of Concrete Batching Plants?

January 13, 2021

Concrete has unique properties that provide a sturdy structure for varied construction projects. However, achieving this high-quality concrete requires an efficient manufacturing process. Concrete batching plant manufacturers offer reliable equipment that can help you produce quality concrete with the help of advanced controls and mechanisms. If you are thinking about getting one for your projects, learn about the different types of concrete manufacturing plants to make an informed decision.

5 Types of Concrete Manufacturing Plants That You Need to Know!

1. Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete plant manufacturers offer mobile batching plants based on your project requirements. While a mobile batching plant is more suitable for short-term projects, a stationary one is suitable for projects that require large quantities of concrete. A mobile concrete manufacturing plant is portable and can move freely. Its compact design reduces the amount of infrastructure work.

Who is it Ideal For?

While the system offers flexibility and ease of operation, it is relatively small in size. It is not ideal for projects that require concrete in huge quantities. It is suitable for extending construction works such as building road tunnels.

2. Tower Concrete Batching Plant

This system is a relatively new method to extract quality concrete. Concrete batching plants manufacturers offer this equipment to save measurement time and enhance the manufacturing process. This system diminishes four mediator links and is designed with the concept of floor modules. That way, you can enable fast installation and commissioning.

Who is it Ideal For?

It is most suitable for construction projects that require the fast deployment of quality concrete.

3. Dry Concrete Batching Plant

Also known as the transit mix plant, this equipment weighs sand, cement, and other materials in weigh batches.  It uses an automatic or manual scale. It comes equipped with a concrete truck mixer to achieve the purpose of mixing.

Who is it Ideal for?

If the construction site is quite long, a dry concrete manufacturing plant is ideal. Mostly, you will find this system for the construction of roads and bridges. You can consult with a reputed concrete mixing plant manufacturer to customize the machine.

4. Wet Concrete Batching Plant

In contrast to the dry concrete manufacturing plant, wet batching equipment mixes all the ingredients at a central location. It helps in mixing the concrete in one place and not at different points. This equipment helps in producing a consistent mixture that can help to boost your production requirements.

Who is it Ideal for?

This tool helps in producing quality cement and is also suitable for medium to large-scale projects. Hence, if your construction projects have high requirements for quality cement, you will need a wet concrete batching plant from a reputed manufacturer.

5. Containerized Concrete Batching Plant

If you are looking for equipment that leaves a minimal carbon footprint then this is an ideal option. Compared to traditional machinery, this machine does not require setting legs and mountain brackets. The plant is also energy efficient with a simple design structure and offers a convenient installation.

Who is it Ideal For?

This system is economical and suitable for projects that require high-energy tools such as airports, ports, hydropower, and many others. You can consult with a reputed concrete plant manufacturer for your commercial project.

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