How Does An Asphalt Drum Mix Plant Function?

December 12, 2022

Do you know what an Asphalt Drum plant mix is and how it operates? Today, let us learn about the asphalt drum mix plant and how the mixing plant operates to produce hot mix.

What Is An Asphalt Drum Mix Plant?

The Asphalt Drum Mix Plant, commonly known as the continuous mixing plant, is responsible for mixing material continuously, without any stops. This is unlike its counterpart batch mixing plant, famously known for producing hot mixes in batches. Now, let us learn more about the workings of an asphalt drum mix plant by finding out how an asphalt drum mix plant operates.

How Does An Asphalt Drum Mix Function?

The Cold Feed Bins Are Filled With Aggregate

The first step in the entire functioning process of an asphalt drum mix plant involves loading the cold feed bins with aggregate. All the bins have distinct sizes and transport the aggregate toward the drying drum. All the bins have adjustable gates that control the flow of material.

Going Through Single Deck Vibrating Screen

Once the material has been filled in the cold feed bin, all the materials must go through the single deck vibrating screen. The job of the screen is quite simple; it is to find and separate all the oversized and large aggregates in the drum mix plant. This is done so that the oversized aggregate does not enter the drying drum.

Weighing Conveyor Stage

Once the aggregate is sifted and separated, the role of the weighing conveyor is to move the aggregate inside the drying drum. The weighing conveyor of the plant is equipped with a load cell unit that aids in the weighing process of the aggregate. The weight information is then recorded on the load cell and is delivered to the control panel.

Drying and Mixing The Aggregate

Once the aggregate reaches the drying drum in the plant, what happens next? The aggregate is then rigorously dried and mixed in this stage. Flights are fitted onto the rotating drums in the first portion of the drum to facilitate and speed up the drying process. After the aggregate has dried, it moves onto the latter half of the drum. This is where the mixing takes place, and the aggregate is mixed thoroughly with filer materials and bitumen.

Taking Care Of The Fuel Tank for Drum Burner

The drum burner’s fuel tank is one of the main elements of the asphalt drum mix plant. The tank is responsible for storing and supplying the drum burner with fuel.

Asphalt Storage Tanks

The asphalt storage tanks in the asphalt drum mix plant have one job: to store and heat the asphalt. It is done so that it can be utilized for mixing with the hot aggregates in the drum mixer.

Binding with Filler Silo

The binding material that is required in the drum mixer is provided by the filler silo. The filler silo is added depending on the requirements in the mix.

Pollution Control Device

Recently, pollution and pollution control have become a huge point of concern and criticism in the construction industry. This is why asphalt drum mix plants must prioritize pollution control. Every asphalt drum mix plant has two distinct kinds of pollution control devices. The two devices are:

  • Dry Dust Collector
  • Wet Dust Collector

If there are any heavy particles that are sucked up from the drum, the Dry Dust Collector is responsible for entrapping them.

The Wet Dust Collector is similar to a secondary filter. It collects and traps finer dust particles that manage to escape the previous filter.

Leaving With The Load Out Conveyor

Once the mix is processed, it is moved to a load-out conveyor. The load-out conveyor collects all the hot asphalt mix and moves it to the storage silo. After this process is done, the mix is loaded onto delivery trucks and is taken to constriction sites.

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