What Are The Advantages Of A Wet Mix Macadam Plant?

January 12, 2023

Wet Mix Macadam Plant or commonly known as wet mix plant, is developed keeping in mind contractors who want dependable equipment and tools for future road constriction projects. The wet mix plant is created and engineered with the utmost precision to allow contractors to use the plant’s fullest potential. A Wet Macadam mix plant is constructed for various capacities, starting from 100, and 160 tph to a complete 200 tph. Doing so allows the contractor to employ different choices during the course of the entire project. The wet mix plant is also responsible for making a base and sub-base layer with the produced homogeneous mix—the mix which is considered essential and must be laid before the hot mix asphalt.

Where Do We Need To Use Wet Mix Macadam?

From recent data, it has been observed that a road created with wet mix macadam is far more durable than the usual WBM road. Roads made with wet mix macadam open to the public quickly as the WMM tends to dry up quickly. On the other hand, WBM roads can be quite a slow process and can take up to a month to set and dry. In every way, the wet mix macadam method is faster and quicker.

Water-bound macadam or commonly known as WBM has materials that consist of binders, screening items and stone aggregates. For Wet mix macadam, only two things are used – binders and stone aggregate. Water-bound macadam utilizes stone aggregates that are bigger in size than the ones used in water mix macadam. The stone aggregate used varies from 90 to 20 mm, varying based on their grades. However, when it comes to wet mix macadam, the stone aggregate size ranges anywhere from 4.75 to 20 mm.

Fun Fact: The measurements of WBM and WMM are different. Water-bound macadam is measured in cubic metres, whereas Wet mix macadam is calculated in square meters.

What Are The Basic Components Of A Wet Mix Macadam Plant?

Regarding road construction, the wet mix macadam plant has proven itself to be efficient and worthy of being titled one of the best. A wet mix macadam plant has a plethora of features that sets it apart, some of the primary parts being the quality component. In terms of design, a wet mix macadam plant is considered to be simple, and the control panel is touted as beginner and user-friendly. The mixing unit of wet mix plants can be called durable and reliable as their design allows them to endure continuous use. This also implies that they are capable of performing under the most extreme situations.

What Are The Basic Areas Of A Wet Mix Plant?

Here are some of the primary areas that create an average wet mix plant:

  • Water Tank
  • Mixing Unit
  • Cold Feeder Bins
  • Storage Hopper
  • Loadout Conveyor
  • Charging Conveyor
  • Cement Silo and Screw Conveyor
  • Control Panel

What Are The Advantages Of A Wet Mix Macadam Plant?

How a wet mix plant operates largely relies on the compatibility level between the plant and its material and components. But apart from that, here are some of the primary advantages of a wet mix macadam plant and why they are favoured:

  • There is an increase in production rate and produces a high-quality mix
  • The wet mix plant is user-friendly and has numerous variations, like stationary and portable.
  • The overall maintenance of a wet mix plant is comparatively easy
  • The hardware utilized in the plant is quite advanced and current and is on par with worldwide procedures.
  • The wet mix plant only produces a high-quality mix
  • It also has extremely accurate additives and aggregate feeder

A wet mix macadam plant is one of the most efficient machines in the road construction industry and can easily create a wet mix. A wet mix macadam plant assists you in obtaining wet mix with the ideal conditions, such as

  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Immense savings in terms of energy costs
  • Durable and high-quality built.
Where to Find Wet Mix Macadam Plant Suppliers in India?

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